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  1. How big is the queue normally from 8am-8:30? I last came to this con in 2014?
  2. Im getting there around 8am Saturday, I am aiming to get autographs for Nicole De Boer, Robert Picardo, Walter Koenig and Tom Felton. How likely is it I will be able to get them if I am staying till around 4-6pm? (I am assuming Nicole De Boer and Picardo won't have very high VQ numbers compared to other bigger guests but you never know).
  3. I think it's Ian Mckellen A couple of years ago Jason was at the Hobbit Premiere and said he met many of the cast, and discussed appearances and that we would see them soon, not much happened so perhaps this is why it had taken so long?
  4. It would be brilliant to get them in, especially as the main cast have been in multiple other things like Ray Stevenson and Kevin Mckidd. Who else would you like to see?
  5. Hopefully a reunion of the cast of HBO ROME I need Pullo and Vorenus
  6. Makes you wonder how much a Diamond Pass will be for a bigger harder to get guest
  7. Rowan Atkinson ? Also 12th December= The New Hobbit Films Release, Coincidence?
  8. Can we have a hint please? I hope it's someone from The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings
  9. From the Original post i think its a Guest doing something, perhaps it will be a very rare guest doing a costume shoot or something? Would love if it was Ian McKellen dressed up as Gandalf
  10. Sounds like a special group guest thing... I smell 13 dwarves and a Hobbit >:)
  11. I was thinking about going as well, however I have decided to watch it LIVE, i think Peter Jackson or someone said there would be one. As much was i want to go, i don't see the point when the chances of meeting one of them is so low, partly also because from what I heard dealers like to be at the front. I wish you the best of luck though :)
  12. Hopefully Showmasters can look into this if they have not yet I think and I'm sure many others do to that it would be a great aspect and success for the show.
  13. Hey Everyone, Well obviously LFCC is getting super big now, so do you think or would you like to see more involvement from the actual companies that work on films, in the big US cons you get WETA, Marvel etc.) running stalls advertising their stuff, and the likes. Do you think we will start to see official film companies etc.) appearing and would you like to see any in particular?
  14. I would like to see him come, he was a guest of the cancelled middle earth con, Would be a nice goodbye to Jacksons middle earth saga with a focus on LOTR and The Hobbit guests
  15. Ive never seen anywhere where Ian Mckellen was attending a convention apart from SDCC
  16. I would love for Peter Jackson or Ian Mckellen to be one of these, however cost wise i dont think i would want to be paying like a large amount on top of the cost for the package (eg.) like cost for definite meeting and also towards travel
  17. It's not that, it's more the extra cost of having Diamond (like the bonus of having it definate to meet the guest that kind of extra value added onto the price)
  18. The only sad thing is the cost someone like Hugh Jackman would probably be too expensive for me :/
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