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  1. Any chance Tom Hooper can do a talk now since Kai Owen has cancelled?
  2. Just curious, with photo shoots does anyone get a Gold pass, get it in early on the Friday and buy the bulk of your photo shoots then? More or less if you're attending all 3 days and once you know the timetable it will be easier to work out what days to buy a photo shoot for (if a guest is doing multiple days etc).
  3. Would be great to see cast members from Fringe. Especially since the final season would have finished airing, perfect time to get them! Anna Torv Joshua Jackson Jasika Nicole John Noble Lance Reddick Blair Brown
  4. Did anyone notice an exceptionally good Amy Pond cosplayer? I was crewing at the photoshoot area on the Saturday and during Caitlin Blackwood's photo shoot I had to look twice as I thought Karen Gillan had walked in lol
  5. Was my first time crewing and I had a great time. Will defo be crewing again next year!
  6. I was crewing both days so didn't have a lot of opportunities to take photos. Though was in the authgraph area today and near the end of the day I had a chance to ask for a few quick pics. In case anyone wonders what the hall is like at the end of the day after you leave. I would also like to take this oppurtunity to thank the rest of the crew, this was the first time that I had ever crewed at an event and I was helped a lot, really enjoyed it!
  7. lol I'm at the photo shoot area for all of today (I think). In a game of thrones "House Targaryen" t-shirt.
  8. Well I hope that everyone enjoys today. Will be the first time I've ever been involved in the crew of an event so be gentle!
  9. Only 357 Days To go people!
  10. Matt Smith David Tennant Richard Dean Anderson Benedict Cumberbatch Emilia Clarke Peter Dinklage Laura Vandervoort Robert Carlyle Philip Glenister John Noble Terry O'Quinn Michael Emerson Amanda Tapping Michael Shanks Louis Ferreira David Blue Elyse Levesque David Hewlett Jamie Bamber John Barrowman Anna Torv Joshua Jackson Andrew Lincoln Norman Reedus Any practically anyone else from all 3 Stargate series, All main cast members from all the Star Trek series, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica (reimaged), Lost, Small
  11. *Awaits the sad day where this forum is sent to the depths of Previous Showmasters events*
  12. So how are we all doing with our post con blues? Really do wish that I had more money, can only really afford to go to one big convention a year (though I do try to go along to my local one in Glasgow as it's not too far away). The worst thing about this event: When it's over... lol
  13. Kind of agree with you. Do wish that Showmasters would have made CMG a little bigger each year, take baby steps towards it potentially becoming as big as EMS/LFCC one day, but instead it's more or less been the same size and similar quality of guests each year. I know that in the past an event was pulled and never brought back as they took too big of a risk with it (bringing in several big popular guests at once and they made a big loss) but to me at least that experience has made them unwilling to take any risks with CMG. CMG is fun, good for dealers, good for cosplayers etc but it has th
  14. Seen myself and my father in a where's Waldo look at your pictures of the crowd from the baloney Can't seem to be able to tag myself though.
  15. Depends on the popularity of said guests as well. The size of the Braehead Arena may not be able to accommodate the amount of people that could potentially turn up for highly popular guests. Though I do hope that at some point in the future Showmasters could consider taking a risk with this event, moving it to the SECC and test out a "big" guest or two. Personally would like to see Glasgow become as big as EMS/LFCC one day.
  16. Was the first thing I did on here and Facebook lol
  17. Was a great prop, great price and love that they had a sword prop as well. Was definitely a highlight. Though it did take me a while to find it, the map had me confused as it showed the throne in the wrong location.
  18. Are the refunds for his photo shoot still be processed? Just I haven't received mine yet (Didn't want to ask until after the event).
  19. Here's Mine Full Album: http://img607.images...id=43029499.jpg Highlights:
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