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  1. I always go by myself, so I can meet friends when it fits with our schedules, but there's no pressure to spend the whole time together and miss out on stuff we don't all want to do - it's reasonable to be a bit selfish at cons, I think!
  2. If attendees want a 'real life' shot as such, they can always have a photo taken with the guest and then get that signed. I've done that in the past and it's made the photo extra special. Even a short amount of time having extra guest photos taken will impact their time to see fans as their schedules are usually very packed.
  3. Met him before but sooo want to meet him again! Great guest and with Juliet being there, it'll be extra awesome!!
  4. James Leary (Clem in Buffy) would be awesome to have back again!! He's doing the con scene over in the US and has confirmed that he wants to do UK cons again too. He is always great with fans, and would be a fun addition. Whedonverse guests are always popular, so please invite him, SM!!
  5. Wanted to meet her for years! Love that the Whedonverse is being represented this year! Summer and Sean, too!
  6. If they can get over to another event, then I'd definitely be there! Two of the best guests I've ever met! :-)
  7. So Mr Love AKA TWD's Shumpert, has tweeted that he'd love to come to an event over here, but we need to get some support going and let Showmasters know that this is what we want! Please show your support below, and help Travis get over here! Think he'd be an awesome guest - he has a lot of time for his fans Thanks!
  8. Don't need this thread now, so if any can delete it for me or tell how I can, that would be great! Thanks!
  9. I was staying at the Doubletree, but then decided I wanted to be more in the Mk action, so changed to the Holiday Inn near the station. Anyone else staying there?
  10. Just saw this... Glad he has work on, but I keep missing him!
  11. Hey, Just been talking to James and he's really excited to come back to the UK and see his fans over here again. He was awesome at Hallowhedon a few years ago (dressed as Indiana Jones for one of the parties!) and hung out with the fans loads, so please show your support and get him back to an event!! Thanks!!
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