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  1. Dom1999

    Guests you missed this year

    Missed Ian Somerhalder and Brendan Fraser. Don't think you could have gotten Ian without a diamond as for Brendan he was always busy when I went to his queue
  2. Really enjoying him in Good Girls
  3. Dom1999

    Guest suggestions.

    Any chance of Linda Park Jolene Blalock Brent Spiner John Billingsley Roxann Dawson
  4. So happy that SM managed to get him back
  5. Dom1999

    Diamond passes thoughts

    Diamond passes are tailored specifically to the guest. In the case of MJF, there's a very good reason why there can't be more autographs offered. Future diamond guests may have different things inckuded in their passes, like extra autographs etc. Oh I didn't mean Micheal J Foxs Diamond pass. I understand why his is only 1 auto. I was talking about Diamond Passes for guests in the future. For example Sigourney Weaver should Showmasters ever get she she will be a Diamond guest. I can think of at least 3 items I'd like she to sign. Also Diamond Passes for both Robert Edlund and Christopher Lloyd only include 1 auto. These are the guests I was talking about. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.
  6. Dom1999

    Diamond passes thoughts

    Initially I didn't think much of the Diamond passes. No offence. But then you look into what they offer, all for one price, there not a bad deal. Your getting a photo shoot, an autograph and a talk ticket. If you add the individual elements prices up I've found that the diamond pass is just an bit more, which in my opinion is OK, that's the price you pay for peace of mind. Although I do think that the pass should give you the option of buying additional autographs. The passes so far only provide for one autograph. So what to do if you want 3 items signed? Get a virtual ticket and get in line after you've payed so much for a Diamond pass. Not the best, I think. You could limit it to say an additional 5 autographs per Diamond pass. Looking forward to more announcements
  7. Just my 2 pennys in the mix but I think it might be Arnold Schwarzenegger James Earl Jones Andrew Garfield
  8. Was unsure about making this con but Vijay just made my mind up. Cant miss him. Thanks SM
  9. Hi Livedierepeat Think you've got the title of this topic slightly wrong. The Bridge photoshoot with TNG crew is without Shatner. The Shatner shoot with TNG crew is in photoshoot B on Saturday
  10. Ok on a purely monatary scale I'd pick Alexander Siddig because his auto price is £5 more then Eric Menyuk. I'd just throw an extra tenner in and then get Erics.
  11. Dom1999

    Guest signings

    Forgive me for sounding stupid but I wasnt at Frankfurt. What is the casino chip system? Thanks in advance for anyone answering my question.