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  1. I would be forever in SM's debt if they get Diego Luna!
  2. liannalorne

    Latest Guest Announcement - NEAL McDONOUGH

    Been a fan of his since ST: First Contact, so happy right now Photo booked! Thanks SM!
  3. liannalorne

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM PELPHREY

    Great guest announcement, Banshee is one of my faves
  4. liannalorne

    Latest Guest Announcement - RONNIE O'SULLIVAN

    Looking forward to meeting Ronnie, have a photo booked
  5. liannalorne

    Guest Suggestion thread

    Cillian Murphy Joe Cole Helen McCrory Tom Hardy Ben Mendelsohn Diego Luna Charlie Cox Krysten Ritter
  6. liannalorne

    Guest Cancellation - Linda Park

    Yes every other refund has been almost instant, will give a few more days and contact the shop.
  7. liannalorne

    Guest Cancellation - Linda Park

    Anyone had the refund email yet?
  8. liannalorne

    Latest Guest Announcement - LINDA PARK

    You def do get the booking fee back, Probs won't be an official announcement/emails about refunds till tomorrow at the earliest though, I don't think SM are in the office weekends.
  9. liannalorne


    Stuart in photoshoot A was amazing, thank you so much, wouldn't have got my Mads Photoshoot without you, I really do appreciate it! My one 'blip' of an otherwise great weekend sadly was the red shirt on the green screen photo area Sunday evening.. God complex much, so rude and when asked a question I was given a very "how dare you speak to me" look and a very curt reply.. manners cost nothing. Bar that, all the crew i saw or spoke to over the weekend were outstanding, lovely and friendly and happy to assist anyone with the queries or needs.
  10. I have 4 after 5pm Sunday and need to leave sharpish for the train around them, would it be possible if there is time Saturday to jump in at the end of the shoots that day?
  11. *lol* According to https://oracleofbacon.org/ they have a Bacon number of 3. :-D Just checked mine.. all good 2's
  12. liannalorne

    Latest Guest Announcement - KEN KIRZINGER

    Thank you so much QS, sorry if that was a bit of a mad rant.. everything seems to be going wrong for me with Manchester. If it is cancelled would be good to have the refund before the event at least. Thanks :)
  13. liannalorne

    Latest Guest Announcement - KEN KIRZINGER

    Any reason? I have this booked for next week. hope it goes ahead there, been enough cancellations as it is.
  14. liannalorne

    Guest Cancellation - Tom Burke

    Hope it's not too late for a replacement guest(s) maybe.. *fingers crossed*
  15. liannalorne

    Photo Shoot Times

    Hopefully the times will be out soon, holding off purchasing anything for Sunday as can't get there till after 11am.