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  1. That's crew speak. 'Pushing' and 'pulling' are terms we use for moving queues. It literally means asking people to move up.
  2. They scan from emails too. Nice and quick today and really easy to scan
  3. Beechy08

    Carrie Fisher Sunday Photo Shoot

    As far as I'm aware Carrie is sold out
  4. Beechy08

    Photo shoot question

    You will be able to purchase digital copies of photoshoots from the online library about 2 weeks after the event. Crew will not be able to use your camera in a photoshoot to take pictures.
  5. Beechy08

    LFCC Schedule - UPDATE 3!

    Some help with what?
  6. Beechy08

    Photoshoot ticket number?

    All photoshoots are numbered. This would be more important than ever for Stan who, having had a look around here, has numbers over 1400
  7. Beechy08


    Yes that's correct
  8. Beechy08

    how many autographs?

    You get VQ tickets (which are free) from the signing areas of the guests you want to meet. You then go off and do what you need to do. Tickets are called up in batches eg 1-50, 1-100 etc etc. you can joing the physical queue at the signing area any time after your number has been called. This cuts down the amount of time you physically have to queue.
  9. Beechy08

    Photoshoot times and venue map

    Photoshoot schedule is usually 7-10 days before the event, to take into account last minute changes. If a map is going to be out out before the show I would imagine it would be out at the same time as the schedule, if not a little bit later. There will be maps up at the show for sure
  10. Beechy08

    Gold Pass Autograph Pack

    You can't buy autographs tickets before the event, only photo and entry tickets.
  11. Beechy08

    Ticket numbers

    Gethin Anthony - No 8 Pedro Pascal - No 42 Terry Farrell - No 145 Will Tudor - No 14 Finn Jones - No 23 Also getting photos with Lena, Natalie, Milo and Stan Lee :-)
  12. Beechy08


    It's usually a couples of weeks before the show
  13. Beechy08


    If someone misses a photoshoot then SM do try and get the guest back for those that have missed it. This is not always possible, however, so your best option would be to upgrade on the day if you need to. Without the photo schedule it's hard to say.
  14. Beechy08

    More Stan Lee photo ops available

    It is one ticket per person. If you want to be in the shot too then you will need your own ticket, but you would get 2 photos. The baby wouldn't need a ticket. As for going into the room, you are fine to queue with your husband up to a certain point, but when the queue starts snaking he will have to go through on his own. You wouldn't be allowed in the room without a ticket.
  15. Beechy08

    Ticket numbers

    Looks like I'd better get a wriggle on and order mine
  16. SM this isn't helping me cut my list down to an affordable size!! This year's LFCC is looking immense!
  17. Beechy08


    Yes. Take your confirmation email and the card you paid with to the organisers booth and they will sort you out
  18. Awesome! Pathology was an awesome film
  19. Beechy08

    Exciting Announcement - Friday 6pm

    My guess is that if it was a new con announcement then this thread will have been posted in most of the other event topics. It may be show specific but maybe a panel at CM:MK rather than a separate event. However I could be wrong!
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    Sorry but selling on the forum is against the rules. Got a feeling a mod may close this thread
  21. Beechy08

    Post Your Photos

    Let's see SMs inaugural Welsh event in photos
  22. Beechy08

    Post Your Photos

    As the title says. Let's have a look at the fun of CM:G
  23. Beechy08

    Glasgow Photo Shoot and Talk SCHEDULE

    If I remember correctly, the prop photos run continuously all day in their photo area so you can join the queue when you have a free minute. Mods will confirm when they can