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  1. David, did you do biology in school? I believe you are a boy
  2. I met Jeremy at a Buffy/Angel convention just after Season 1 of Angel was first broadcast. He was in Episode 11 of Season 1 called Somnambulist. He is such a nice bloke.
  3. I do not think it would work financially as a stand alone convention, but to have them at LFACC, or EMS or CM:MK works as they can do the photos, signing etc and have group talks.
  4. My favourite Trek Captain. This guy is a must for my "To Meets" list. Another photo to order.
  5. I think it is about time i met The Shanks. I have had a few opportunities in the past, but always missed out. Time to remedy that.
  6. I always preferred Nicole as Dax. She just has that look about her that makes me smile. Stunning eyes. I have heard she is a wonderful guest to meet.
  7. Colm Meany would be a great addition. I am a great fan of his film work, especially his British films.
  8. This comment was directed at seasoned event attendees who have been overly vocal about past issues in comparison to events ran. This post was one of several exchanged between myself and another poster, and thus looses meaning if just read as a single post.
  9. Finally, someone who acknowledges that Catwoman was not in this film. So many people I know, and others I have seen online, have said that she was Catwoman. She had all the characteristics there, but not the Superhero/Villain name. The same goes for Joseph Gordon-Levitt in that people say he is Robin, and that happens to end up being his real first name. But I feel he has more characteristics to the future alter-ego of Nightwing. If Christopher Nolan is open to it, I see a Nightwing film in the near future with appearances in cameo like form by both Selina "Not Catwoman" Kyle and Bruce Wayne/Batman. Also, Bane is not dead. despite what Wikipedia says. He was shot by Selina "Not Catwoman" Kyle, but no body was found or his death acknowledged.
  10. With Season 2 currently filming, I guess re-writes will have to happen of future scripts. Season 2 is due to air on Jan 28th 2013, and scripts canbe written very fast if needed. I just hope that they do kill off JR Ewing and not re-cast him.
  11. The last update I saw was that Showmasters were trying to iron things out with Bluewater. I guess that is why they gave the March 2013 as a preliminary date and not a permanent one. As time marches on, I would think this may not happen in March. But, I guess only time will tell.
  12. As I have posted previously, and mentioned above by Queen Sindel, things can get blown out of proportion. Things can get misunderstood. That is why I took great time to explain what I was trying to do as you had taken away the complete opposite to what I had meant in my head. You are, in your own words, new to conventions. That is why some of us are doing our best to help reassure you. There will be people who will vocally share your concerns, and sometimes that can heighten the concerns of a person in your position who is new to the convention scene. Yes, some events have not happened. Some have been postponed. It happens. But, and this is where some people have seemingly chosen to ignore history, Showmasters and Massive Events have run many many events. I do look forward to seeing more announcements for this event as it will mean people like yourself, both new to the convention scene and a little spooked that there has been little activity on this event since it was announced, will have something to smile about.
  13. With the new date/event being with the support of the film makers, I would say that no one is out of bounds.
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