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  1. To be fair I didn’t threaten legal proceedings I said that was ultimately option that could be pursued, but that hopefully common sense would prevail. In this case that is exactly what has happened, I recieved a response from Jason and have advised him of my preferred option so from my perspective, assuming that is acted upon, I consider the matter closed.
  2. Thanks for the update, I have sent an email as requested. I have to say I've been on this forum as long as most people and have seen pretty pretty out of line discussions on here, but I don't feel this was one of them. I'm afraid the sums of money involved with things like this are too much to be able to take the relaxed view I might have done at one time. I do appreciate this is a forum run and paid for by Showmasters and you have a difficult course to steer here, but when people have paid large sums of money out and have received no product in return and aren't receiving an appropriate level of service, I think it's right they should be able to voice that.
  3. I've only just started looking into this but it seems with both debit and credit cards there is some sort of chargeback service that can be utilised. There also seems to be a few schemes out there for resolving disputes as well. Ultimately there is always legal action, but it would seem more sensible for them to settle this sensibly before anything like that starts to happen. The pity is this is the first time I have used the pre-order service but after this experience there is no way I would use I think again. It's very clear they just aren't set up to handle the volume of business they accept.
  4. Service has been really poor, had a couple of holding replies from Jason but since I've asked for definite answers he's gone quiet. Doesn't seem like I have much other choice than to start looking at further options to get this resolved.
  5. I'm glad this thread is here, whether it was Showmasters themselves or one of their partners who bought him to the event, they have my thanks. I've been lucky enough to meet some incredible people at Showmasters events down the years, but meeting him was something else again.
  6. The annoying thing is for a while I did know exactly who was who because I was looking over people's shoulders who were getting the bio pages signed so I could see who they were, but it's only now that I realise time has played tricks with my memory! If you do manage to find anything out it would be good, but if not, thanks for checking anyway!
  7. Thanks for your help, I'd seen that last image you'd posted online as well but it did t show the whole cast and not too many of them looked like the ones I had! I think my memory must be playing tricks on me because I was sure Leo Bill did sign it but none of mine look like the examples on your programmes which are quite clearly his name. You have confirmed what I thought about Barry and Rudi though. Next time I'll make a note of who has signed where as they do it!
  8. Not strictly related to Sherlocked but it feels like this might be the best forum to post this in! I'm just sorting out my theatre programmes and as part of that thought it was worth making a note where any of them have been signed, who they have been signed by. This brings me to my problem, when I saw Cumberbatch's Hamlet, I got signatures from a few of the cast but I'm now struggling to identify who a lot of them are! Downside of stage door autographs is they aren't always the clearest! So I was wondering if any of you could help with who any of them are. I can say for sure that none of Cumberbatch, Hinds,Hille or Norton signed it, but I'm pretty sure Barry Aird and Rudi Dharmalingam and possibly Matthew Steer did sign it, I think maybe Leo Bill did as well but my memory is a bit hazy! Any help would be appreciated!
  9. I think he was there almost for comic relief Well I don't pay attention to anything so this may be nonsense, but they'd teased him at the end of the last series and beginning of this with the whole 'Miss Me?' business. Although it turned out that was really referring to Eurus, his involvement in the whole scheme was like the pay off to that tease. But in real life yes, some comic relief and Andrew Scott fan service absolutely. I thought them teasing him worked well because they had been so adamant that he was dead so it always suggested an unknown villain was using his image to get in Sherlock's head. As silly as it sounds, I think I would have preferred it if they had flashed up the 'Five years ago' bit as soon as his helicopter appeared, I just found it a little distracting for the first part of that sequence when it appeared to be the present day and that they had bought him back. I'll concede I might not be making much sense here, I've got a cold which is making me sneeze loudly enough to destroy Baker Street!
  10. I may need to watch the episode again but the more I've thought about it this morning, the more my feeling is that the Moriarty element didn't really add a great deal to the story and dare I say it, didn't totally work for me, almost felt like they wanted to fit him into it somehow but didn't have a totally clear idea of how to do it. I may be wrong, it may just be there was so much to take in with the first viewing that it might hang together better with a second viewing.
  11. Funnily enough one of the things I've always liked about the way he's played Mycroft (not good that I'm already talking about it in the past tense!) is that it had a slightly camp edge to it. That line "I'll be mother" and Sherlock's reponse in A Scandal In Belgravia always made me laugh. That said it was good to see a bit more depth to him tonight and in recent weeks, being first bemused then slightly flattered by Lady Smallwood's interest in him, then the acknowledgement that he couldn't shoot an innocent man does show there's more to the character than aloofness and being coldly analytical.
  12. She was there. She walked into the 221b lounge with a smile on her face. Ah, I did miss it then, must have looked away at the wrong moment. Apparently Paul Weller also featured in that closing montage, he was the body lying on the floor!
  13. Adapting Watson's "The best and wisest man that I have ever known" from the book suggests to me that, like Conan Doyle, they could be looking at taking a good long break from the series, if it returns at all. Funny, my lounge seemed to get very dusty all of a sudden when Mary came out with that! If that is it then I think they ended very strongly, even the very last scene was a strong single image to end on, very reminiscent of some of the season one publicity shots. Also liked the nod to Basil Rathbone on the building plaque. Have to admit I was a bit disappointed when Moriarty appeared, as much as I like the character, it felt a bit silly so I was very glad when they established it was a flashback. I liked the sequence with Molly as well, Louise Brealy doesn't always have loads to do in each episode but she is always able to do a lot with the screen time she has. If there are going to be anymore it will be interesting to see if they explore that any further, I could be wrong but I don't think I saw her in the closing montage whereas the likes of Mrs Hudson and Lestrade were both featured. All in all a very strong season, I think all the episodes have benefited from repeat viewing. I wonder where it all goes from here!
  14. Certainly looking forward to Sunday now but I hope no spoilers leak out before then!
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