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  1. It's a shame we'll have to queue to get the photo shoot tickets, looks like i'll be getting there extra early to get in the queue
  2. Great Announcement, not something i'd personally go for but defo something which would appeal to his fans
  3. Woo a game of thrones guest :) and one who I haven't met, although I do talk to her a bit on snapchat haha
  4. So am I, as a SG1 and Star Wars fan I'm very happy :)
  5. I wouldn't expect MASSIVE queues, however everyone's definition of massive is different, don't expect the queues to not be there, you'll certainly get the atmosphere of a busy con!
  6. It's unfortunate that you walked away due to the long queues, however i'm glad to hear that it was busy and the sudden cancelations of guests last minute didn't put people off!
  7. I wouldn't rule him out of an event at all personally. he would be what I would consider a diamond guest, he is someone who, if there was the possibility of meeting him, getting an autograph or two and a photoshoot + talk, would happily spend £300+ for. To a dealer trying to make a worthwhile profit from his autograph, it isn't worth spending the money to get a diamond guest ticket when they don't want the photoshoot or talk (unless their a fan too)! The diamond passes can have a lot of flexibility that could put dealers off and be beneficial for fans!
  8. oh bless! This will get edited and moved to the guest suggestion thread. Guests cannot attend at the click of a finger, the guys at Sm know how big the walking dead fanbase is, if they are able to members of the team, they will do their upmost to! There are however may factors as to why a guest may not be able to attend a con!
  9. Met her before at London, she's lovely and spent a lot of time talking, may meet her again if funds mean I can
  10. Cheers Jason, luckily, as a star Wars and Sg1 fan, this line up is on top form for me
  11. guest signings, lots of cosplayers and lots of stalls with cool/geeky/nerdy goodness for sale!!
  12. I'll be meeting him this time for sure, an 8x10 and signature on my poster for me :)
  13. I keep saying ' Ill meet him at this con and I'll meet him at that con' I'm glad to finally say I WILL be meeting him at this con and getting my OT poster and an 8x10 signed :)
  14. This thread is yelling 'MOD please edit or delete me'
  15. Amanda will be signing from when the doors open at 9 to when they close, what time would you reckon you could leave to come down to here by?
  16. I'm praying hard for Richard Dean Anderson or Emily Kinney, however it's very unlikely they would get big names like hem from over the water for a con that isn't in London less than two weeks away!
  17. I wouldn't have picked up on 'big love' had you not mentioned it but now you have I have to agree
  18. I'm guessing they're the vouchers you get by paying by card at the organisers booth?
  19. It'll Probably be up a week before he con I reckon :)
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