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  1. Hi Too Tall On the Sunday Sigourneys talk clashes with the Harry Treadaway 2 pshoot and Simon Russell Beale's. Harry's isn't a prob as I can go to his '1' session in the morning. But it looks like there is only one session for Simon which is during the first half of Sigourney's talk. I've got a Diamond Pass for Sigurney. Can I claim my seat at the beginning of Sigourneys talk, then go to Simon's pshoot then go back to my seat half way through Sigourneys talk? If that's not poss then it looks like I'll have to miss Simons pshoot? Cheers
  2. I bow unworthy at your feet o Tall One
  3. The one, the only, William Shatner!!!
  4. Ben Browder & Michael Shanks would be excellent +++ :clap: also guests from Revolution & Warehouse 13 would be fantastic :dance:
  5. Noooooooo, I needed Ethan's auto on one of my Voyager white background photos........gutted in a massively Delta Quadrant type of way:-(
  6. Too far for me but it's good to share the love. Wishing everyone who goes a fabulous time! Enjoy! If it's as good as last year it will be a thrill! LLAP.
  7. Yep, Amanda / Michael refund where is it?. It's now Thursday after the show (great show by the way!!!) and the refund still hasn't been beamed into my bank. Hailing frequencies open...
  8. The Gold Room. Where was the plush carpeting, the tapestry, the 3D TV showing the Wimbledon final, the water, velvet lined curtains, again, the water, the minions, and once again, the water. The Lannisters expected better"
  9. The one thing I would comment on from purely a professional point of view photographically with the Peter and Lena photograph I had taken was that there simply wasn't enough "fill" light being used to lighten the shadows from the "key light". Lena had a hat on and on the finished photo it's not possible to see her eyes on the print because of the shadow from the hat - the shadow area is totally black : classically a "no" "no" for a colour image. Again as per other comments, that may also be caused by a calibration issue on the printers.
  10. Oh, Rough Layout. Thought you were calling me a Rough Layabout :-)
  11. Ooops posted twice blame my android:-)
  12. I have a gold pass and i dont expect this to be free to me. Its an extra event after the show that will have cost quite a bit to put on. We already have around £140 worth of paid for talks we can go to with our pass. Ah yes Gold being the new silver then. But i do take your point....it's only money, after all:-) Looking forwards to it.
  13. You can buy as many as you like. Although if you try and buy more than 4 we may be after you for ticket touting So what you're saying TT is that we can't bring a charabanc load in from Winterfell? That's a bit Stark:-)
  14. This is getting rather irksome. Yet another Talk with no Gold Pass admittance. Irony of ironies as the episode is 'A Golden Crown'. We are not amused:-)
  15. Is it a Whitewalkers disco to Jacko's "Thriller". How cool is that? - As cool as Winterfell or maybe British Summertime:-)
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