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Hello all :wub:


Since we've got a few newbies lurking around the forum, I'd thought I'd start a thread for you to introduce yourselves. Of course us old timers can introduce ourselves as well so the newbies can see who we are and what we're into. It's just a little place for us to say hello and begin to get to know each other. Try not to wander off-topic too much but I know it usually happens here :wub:


Guess I'll begin shall I?


Alright, I'm Kell, I'm really old at 20 and I'm from Manchester. I work on the dvd section at HMV. I crew at the Showmasters events purely to be with my mates, I'm not actually that much into sci-fi stuff. I love listening to music, curling up in bed to watch dvds, taking photos of my silly mates, reading books & graphic novels, and drinking tea. I love spending time with my gorgeous nephew fatbabyJamie (that's his official name) :wub: Beer's evil but I enjoy Southern Comfort & lemonade and White Russians :wub:


This is me, with DavidB. I hope one day to be as famous as he is :wub: I also hope one day David will grow a beard so I can marry him :wub:



I have a livejournal and a myspace but if you add me on either of those and don't talk to me then I'll think you're an idiot :P



So who's next?

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Hello all   Since we've got a few newbies lurking around the forum, I'd thought I'd start a thread for you to introduce yourselves. Of course us old timers can introduce ourselves as well so the n

My account has been activated at last.  I've just returned back to Aberdeen after my second LFCC.  Very tired, broke but happy.  Hello to everyone!

Hi there! I'm new here. I'm Stephanie, I am 22 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. This year will be my first LFCC and I'm already looking forward to it. 

Good idea, Kell.


Okay, since I'm one of the newbies you mentioned, I'll make my contribution.


My name is Joe, but I go by Manwards or simply Manny. I'm 22, I live in Leicester, officially the most boring place in the world. I have a dull warehouse job but it pays the bills (sort of) and my real passion is for writing. I've done a few stories here and there, mostly just stuff for the enjoyment of myself and my friends, but I entered an SFX Magazine contest a while back (still waiting on the results) and I'm planning to write a novel when I get the time.


To distract myself from writing my fame-garnering and award-winning novel, I play videogames (I've been pretty inseparable from my Xbox 360 the last couple of months), watch movies (horror or sci-fi, generally, they can be so creative), read (at the minute I'm carving a swathe through a bunch of horror movie tie-ins), and hang around on the internet posting on forums like these and chatting to friends. I also like a bit of anime and manga (although I'm the furthest thing from an expert), I speak a small amount of Japanese, and I sing a lot. If I'm feeling particularly adventurous (or want to hurt people) I sing in Japanese. :wub: I don't watch a lot of television, but my favourite shows are Futurama, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who and The X-Files.


I'm sure there's more that could be said, but if you want to write my biography or something, get in touch. My MSN and AIM names are in my signature.


Oh, and here's my picture.




Feel free to say hi sometime! Ja ne!

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Righto! I'm Emily, I'm 17 and currently live in Austin, Texas. I've lived here 2 and a half years, I'm originally from MK. I'll be moving back to England next month where I shall be attending the University of West England in Bristol, starting in September. :o


Music is a huge part of my life, I love it. I'm not particular about what I listen to, I'm open to anything. Well, more or less. And much like Kell, I love dancing rubbishly along, in my own crap way. ^_^ My mates are all totally lame, and they're the best people ever. I am also fortunate enough to have a lovely boy, who is all mine. :wub: He lurks around here, and shares his name with a masked serial killer.


Err..I'm not sure what else to say haha.


I have a livejournal and myspace, look hard enough and you're bound to find me. If you want to natter on MSN, mine's: preperationh_1969@msn.com (I was once obsessed with Austin Powers, leave me alone.)


Picture! Let me dig for one..




It's not the most recent, but it'll do. :P

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Hi, my name is Si.

I'm gunna try and rap, through all this general crap.

I love sports, summer is for cricket. I have a go in bat but wanna be wicket... keeper.




Anyway. I am Si to most people. Only a few people call me Simon and I can forgive them for that :( I'm 19 and I live in the North on a place called Wirral. I dont really have an interest in the whole autograph thing but I've met some wicked people and go see them often. I work for SMs (when they pick me!) now and again and generally have a good time.


I love sports, as my name should suggest. Hockey is my main passion, played for the local mens 1st team. Have played for my school, county and represented the North West in a regional competition. I've been learning to snowboard which is wicked, not been for a few months. As I tried to rap... I play cricket as well. And footy most weeks.


I feel so BORING writing all this rubbish! Kell this is your fault :(


I LOVE music, I'll be all cliche and say I have a wide variety of likes but to be honest I'm pretty fussy. If I like a song I like it, I'll listen to more songs by an artist and delete ones I dont like. Dont see the point of having thosands and thousands of songs if I dont like half of them! I still have a lot though :D


Erm I like reading. Once I get into it I can go through a fair few books in a short amount of time. When I find a good book I buy other books by that author, kinda like with my music. Usually pretty successful.


I'm eating coco pops!


Got a Livejournal and a myspace, the usual stuff. And MSN but I dont go on there much these days. Feel free to add sporty_si230@hotmail.com


I look like a mong in most pictures so I'll have to use the only half decent one.







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Awww Kell, aren't you cute?!




Lets see. This is going to be about a sentence long because i'm a boring little s***.



I'm 17 years old, still in school. Sixth form, if you like. In year 13 now, studying A Level Psychology, Sociology, and Health and Social. *cringe* But blimey, don't judge me on that. Might seem like i have a steady mind, knowing where i want to do, but i haven't a clue. Duh. I live in a rubbish village in Bedfordshire, pretty close to Milton Keynes i guess. Errr, i work in a call centre, wasting peoples lives by forcing them to take part in s***ty surveys that make me cringe.



"Er no, i am muslim."


Just got myself a little car. Look out for a salmon coloured Micra, it'll be me. I think theres only 3, so erm, its pretty hard to miss me, yes? I can't really drive yet though. Made my 2 year old nephew cry today with my 1 second driving, and he was begging me to get out. He'll get used to it, i'm sure. :(


Can't wait to pass and get on with Snowboarding lessons. Not had any money for ages. =(



This is the first picture i thought of but i'm pale and gimpish:






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My name is DavidB. You can call me David! Or even Forum God, as it says under my avatar. I may have added that bit myself, but that's only because I got bored of being Forum Royalty. Who'd be a king when you can be a God?


So I suppose I should write something interesting here yes? Tough!


I'm 23, I graduated two years ago from Staffordshire University, getting a 2:1 in Film, Television and Radio Studies. Since then I have spent many hours sitting at home contemplating life and the universe and all that jazz. One day I will publish my memoirs and more than likely get locked away for being totally insane. I do actually aim to one day get an enjoyable job related to media somehow. Either that or go and work as Mickey Mouse in Disney in Paris. We'll see.


I live in South-east London/Kent ... yes it damn well IS possible to live in both places at once so shut up!


I like horror and sci-fi, I like TV stuff like Lost, 24, Veronica Mars, and other things, and I like to dress up in a chicken suit and dance to Ricky Martin songs. I might be lying about that last part.


Anyway I've been a part of this forum for too many years now, I have posted too many times, and I've eaten more chicken nuggets than the entire population of Zimbabwe. But that's not hard.


MSN: db6937@hotmail.com

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/davidb6937


I also enjoy writing - mainly poetry and scripts, but sometimes short stories, and sometimes hardcore pornographic stories about hot sweaty lesbians. I really am just joking about that last part ...


I have crewed at the majority of Showmasters events since Collectormania 4. I don't do Autographica because I refuse to dress smart. I don't do Empire Day because I refuse to like Star Wars. Other than that, I'm pretty damn flexible.


I don't drink. Everyone else does enough to fulfil my alcohol intake quota. Bless.




My idols include Harold Bishop, Charlie from Coronation Street, Locke from Lost, and Michael Rosenbaum.


You'll be able to meet me at events. I will sign for free. Look for the name thingy with DAVIDB on it, it's a dead giveaway, honest! Either that or some pain in the a$$ stalking people with a camera. Or someone eating nuggets. Or slacking off work. I'm a GENIUS when it comes to that.


I'm a lovely chap, so be my friend! (or I'll chop your f*cking head off!)


Look at me, I'm a smiley happy chappy!



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I'm Leyla, and I'm writing this because I enjoy bandwagon-jumping, and also because everybody knows you can't do anything constructive on Sunday afternoons. I'm not actually on the forum that often anymore, but I'm on livejournal and myspace, if you look hard enough.


I've just left sixth form, and in September, I plan to bugger off to Nottingham University to study Law. I expect to be really quite rubbish at it, but to end up with lots of money and several fast cars which, compared to my fifth gear-fearing Corsa, will be quite a step up.


I quite like vegetables, but that's not the reason for my forum name. My favourite vegetable is swede, because it's really hard to cut when it's raw, but when it's cooked, it's very nice to mash. I don't like eating it much though.


I tend to drink like liver cirrhosis is fictional (southern comfort and lemonade, thank you), and now that I'm 18, I plan to pickle it even more. There's plenty of photos of me passed out on the floor at some sort of forum event and, if you stay around long enough at one, you'll probably see for yourself. If you see me crewing at an event, it'll probably be with a hangover, so be nice :P


I rather love Busted and McFly. That is the most important thing to know about me :wub:


C'est moi!





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Hello, I'm Becky and I don't post on here very much, but I'm always at the events. I crewed from C4 up till C7, but now I like being a fangirl again. I can normally be found at the bar at events, or in people's hotel rooms, oo er.


A bit like this, in fact:




(Sorry Lee)


I dork out over Lord Of The Rings, 24 and Lost, and I like sci-fi films, but I'm not into Star Wars or Star Trek, they seemed to have passed me by.


My favourite bands are Kaiser Chiefs and The Who, both of whom I love with an all-consuming passion, oh yes. Also love Duran Duran, Duels, The Futureheads, The Cribs, Maximo Park, The Divine Comedy, The Blood Arm and Franz Ferdinand.


I like to spend my time going to gigs, seeing all my beloved friends on here, and um, that's about it. I used to be the ultimate pisshead, well second to Leyla, haha, but I had this life-changing experience seeing the Who, and now I don't feel the urge. I will miss pisshead-Becky, but it was time for her to retire. :P


I am in love with Desmond. :wub:

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Herro Everybody!


I'm Mark, or Stabby. Most people sem to call me the latter. Oh and Stabby Joe has become ever more popular thanks to Carl :wub:


Well by day i work for a company called MCA, we do stuff. About money and all that jazz.... Its pretty fun actually. By night i play music pretty much all the time. I play in a couple of bands firstly being Jagged Alice (http://www.myspace.com/JaggedAlice) we try and play as much as we can having recorded an album with Angus The Man (Polyphonic Spree, The Fall). I also play in Orko (ACM Records) we do stuff too :P.


I also enjoy watching films and Tv series namely: 24, Cheers, Happy Days, Bottom, The Fast Show, The Office, Police Squad, Family Guy, American Dad, Hustle, Buffy, Big Train, Green Wing, Father Ted And so many more...


I also love listening to music as you may have ruddy well guessed. I like too much to list, i think i have a chart thing on last.fm... yeh i do http://www.last.fm/user/MrStabby i think...






If you ever see me about come say hello... im often wondering somewhere...

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Hello,I'm Kym(kimberley really but shhh!) I go by far too many names.Kym,Kymba,Kimbo,Kymmie,Happy K,Emo Denise and the ones that branched from tiggerthehobbit those being tigger,tiggs and tiggsy.The point is i will probably answer to most things.

I'm 19 and live in a dead end village in North Wales..its near Conwy and its quite hard to pronounce apprently.I currently work full time in a hotel for the elderly and disabled its pretty rubbish but I like the money.I also work part time in woolies when I'm not faking illness's because I'm too tired or gone to Dublin for the day.I'm attempting to save to go travelling but I'm crap at saving.

In my spare time I can be found following Panic!At the disco when the come to the UK although after the 3 october gigs I think I may give up.I have a DVD habit.I still collect cuddly toys,my little pony's,disney stuff and get far to excited about getting 1kg boxes of haribo from ferries..

I love music,can't live without it.My iPod nano might as well be fused to me.I do like pretty much all music.My 3 faves bands that I obsess over are the dresden dolls,Muse and P!ATD.I also really like Fall Out Boy and mocking Mr Wentz..my viawentztop tshirt pwns...

I change my hair a lot,colour,length,curls,straight..I think I'm my hairdressers guinea pig.

I attended C3 and the first LFCC and have been crewing since C6 at the collectormania's and LFCC's.

I love lotr,lost,Veronica Mars,24,Buffy and most recently firefly and Serenity..to name a few.

I have a livejournal Livejournal and Myspace myspazz

And if your brave bridgetjones_jr@hotmail.com

I'm not the world biggest talker on there,I'm constantly on away but people still talk to me anyway

thats enough babbling..


my mug

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Aww bless ya Kell! :YAHOO:


Hi everyone! My name is Lee, although many people know me as 'Theo' (taken from my incredibly dorky forum name)...or WHORE if you're DavidB :P


I'm 23 years old and live in sunny ol' Devon (oooh arrrr). I'm currently a support worker and associate lecturer at Exeter College, working with "challenging teens". I graduated from Bristol UWE last year with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and am now putting some of my new skills into practice...




I've been a member of this forum for quite a while now and have made some brilliant friends over the years. While my offline friends (as much as I bloody love them) may think I'm the biggest loser in the world for paying for an actor's scribble, it's great to find people, like you forum buggers, who are just as bonkers as me and actually know who the hell Jack Bauer is! :D


Many of you that I don't already know might have seen me at con or two in the past. I'm usually the loud p*ssed one at the parties or the very hungover one wearing sunglasses indoors the next day (whiffing of Gin probably...)




So if ya see me in the future, say HI! I promise I don't bite (well, not usually)! ;)


My main interests in life include travelling, film, dancing all night, being a lairy p*sshead and spending time with the maddos! I'm a teeny bit obsessed with Harry Potter, Mr DiCaprio, 24, Six Feet Under, David Bowie and all things from the '80s and I could eat Creme Brulee 'til the cows come home...


I'm starting to feel like I'm selling myself now! :chair:


Anyway, I have a Myspace so maybe it's easier to just check that rather than reading through all this waffle! (click me)


So, welcome newbies and hopefully I'll see ya around...

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This sounds like fun.


Well Im Amy, Im 19 and from Liverpool (capital of culture 2008 so you should all come vist. nWe've also got the bestest football team ever). I've been to Collectormania a couple of time and had a very memorable weekend in LFCC. But I don't really get to go that often. Im studying history and politics at the University of Liverpool. Very interesting. I dont have a job yet, but Ive got a really scary job interview tomorrow.


Music-wise I like soft rock type stuff, like Bon Jovi. I also like going to see local bands and open mic nights. I love Harry Potter,LOTR and lost.


I have quiet a few poeple from here on my msn but I dont really talk to them very often so if your bored either add me or say hello. :DHeres a link to my space if you wanna add me and leave a comment


Well I cant think of anything else to say but here's a picture of me taken at LFCC. Im the one with the long hair, the other girl is my mate Hannah. This pic wsas taken after having only an hour sleep and party rings for breakfast so hopefully I look better than that most of the time.



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Hey all!


My names James and I'm quite new to the forums. I crewed my first event at LFCC 06 and had a great time!


I'm 23 years old and I'm currently working as a network engineer for Channel 4 which means I keep things like big brother (don't hurt me for that) up and running! I took media and ended up doing IT, not quite sure what happened there...oh well.

I live in Milton Keynes and have been going to Collectormainia since C4 but have yet to crew an MK one but hopefully I will be crewing at C10!


I absolutley love to travel and have been pretty much everywhere you can think of. I lived in Russia and China for a period of time a couple of years ago but now I'm back and getting on with a "normal" life.

I play the guitar and I do alot of watersports, I'm now at instructor level for sailing. I'm also into football, cricket and golf.

I am mainly into Buffy and Angel, smallville, 24 and Lost but like alot of other shows too but I won't bore you with my geekiness :D As for films I have too many favs to mention but have a special love for the Back to the Future and LOTR trilog, and the superman films.


As for music, Ill be really cliché and say that I like all kinds but its the truth, if I hear it and I like it, I get it simple as. Quite into Zero 7, Snow patrol The calling and Simple Plan right now though


I think thats about everthing so I'll finish up as I'm babbling

My MSN is james__perry22@hotmail.com

Myspace is www.myspace.com/kalel8


Below is me!


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Hi there


Errrm, I'm Tash, some people call me Tish, some call me Piddles among other things...


I'm 18, just finished my A level exams which i've probably failed and had no interest in whatsoever.


I'm interested in the Media Industry so i'll be trying to get involved in that sort of thing.


I've been crewin at Showmasters events since C4


I have nothing very interesting to say really so err, yeah :P:D


I'm on Myspace here n if you really want to you can add me to MSN at tash950@hotmail.com


You'll often see me pulling a pose that goes something like this...





Peace :D

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You guys are all far too young !


I'm GoldenGreen (or Jon) and have been around for 33 years ! Married for the last five.


My forum name, you may see it on other boards as well is from a Wonderstuff song, and as you can imagine I was a big fan.


I went to the second Collectormania and have been pretty much going ever since.


I love movies (Star Wars, Bond, Action , Comedy, Horror et) , music (Red Hot Chili Peppers, THe Wonderstuff, The Kaiser Chiefs), sport (mainly footie) and going to the Theatre (mainly musicals, but love going to the West End to see whatever I can afford to), holidays, particularly America (try and go every year if I can).


Refusing to admit I may be getting on a bit, I will be attending the Reading Festival this year, particularly to see Franz Ferdinad and the Kaiser Chiefs.


I have loads of autos, many collected in person at Showmasters events, but also go to Premieres in London as live near by. Off next to Superman Returns on Thursday.


You can see me in my Avatar with Mark Hamill, but here's a slightly bigger version:



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Hmm I shall play...


I'm not about much these days as I'm busy with life and all that stuff but I'm Elanor, been on the forums for a few years and previously used to be "The Lady Elanor" but changed the name to something more fitting of my crazy nature.


I'm pretty boring really, a 29 year old mum living just outside Norwich with my yummy partner Nathan and my two daughters and doing the usual housey stuff, probably going to be qiet for a lot longer as we're trying to move to Wales. I guess the most interesting thing about me is my ever changing hair colour.


I really really want Clancy Brown for a guest as I'm a huge fan of the original Highlander (not the series, it's pants), Bolo Yeung who is the only good thing about a few Van Damme films and I'd possibly crawl over hot coals for Tim Robbins if my other half would let me.


I'm obsessed with Japan and listen to J-Rock all day long, one day I plan on going and spending time there, if only I could master the language. I also spend a lot of time playing multiplayer games, these days mostly a game called Maplestory, occasionally Runescape.


If you want to annoy me my myspaz is http://www.myspace.com/littlemissidiot.


Here's a piccie of me with the legendary Shabster, the hair's blonde and pink now though.



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Hey Guys!


Im Gem, The Blonde Ditz who says stupid things :0)

Im 19, Old and not so Wise

Im from Oxford

I'm a bit of a film Buff, I love Fantasy Stuff

Ive been going to Showmaster events for aaaaaggeees and i love all my darlinks!

My myspace page is www.myspace.com/dazedconfused13

feel free to add me!!



Hope this isnt guna be Huuuuggeeee!!



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My names Laura Im 17 and from Nottingham. It takes me a while to become really chatty but once I know someone you cant shut me up. My msn is devil_darla@hotmail.com and my myspace is http://www.myspace.com/121325870

Oh yer and fave TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, fave film is Rocky Horror and fave actor is Johnny Depp.



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Hiya I thought I'd add my intro to the thread so here goes:


Hey! I'm Naomi and im 16 from London. I'm usually called Nomi or Noms by most people to stop connfusion 'coz theres a few of us Naomis on the forums. I've just finised my GCSEs, so I now have the long wait till august 24th when I get my results.


I love the performing arts, and i'm going to a professional performing arts college next year called Urdang, its one of the top PA schools in the country producing a large amount of the performers who work in the west end - somewhere I hope to work in oneday.


I'm fairly active, and love to pig out on unhealthy food that my mum keeps telling me is bad for me! (lol)


I love to listen to music and watch the telly and go on the net as pretty much every teenager does atm. Music wise I try to listen to everything that I can, I like most styles of music, but I'm not the hugest fan of R&B, to me it sounds too similar I like to have variety in the things I listen to. I'm one of the few teenagers that seems to like classical music. I like it so much that every summer I can be found populating the south steps or the Arena of the Royal Albert Hall going to the BBC proms! ('Tiz great fun, I reccomend people to check it out) I think my favourite style of music is probably musicals. I'm pretty much obsessed with the theatre and go as often as I can, which will probably be more often next year as I can get student standbys from september.


Television wise, I'm a fan of pretty much everything geanre wise. I love anything thats either good to read or watch just as long as it keeps me interested im happy. I'm a whedonite (fan of Joss Whedon programs), I also love shows like charmed, 24, lost, Farscape, NCIS, Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis) and Veronica Mars (the best programme in the universe!!!!!). I've recently gotten into a load of shows all thanks to my sister bugging me into watching them, so i'm currently working through watching Battlestar Galacitca (the new series), Bones, HouseMD, Greys Annatomy, How I met your Mother, Two Guys and a Girl and thats just the programs this month. I'm not really a huge film goer, as I cant afford to fork out £6-£10 to see a film but I tend to watch films as they come out and I'm pretty much a fan of most of the films out there.


Erm What else to say about me?


I'm a pet lover, I have erm 3 cats, a dog and 3 chinchillas which are the cutest little things ever! I have a big sis that works the SM events who sometimes pokes her head in the forums. And I cant think of anything else to say.


So here is me! Erm, I'll try to find a picture of me and put it up in a bit.


I'm on livejournal and on MSN so if you feel crazy enough to add me feel free, just let me know that your from the forums so I dont accidently delete you.


My MSN: Buffy_rocks_2k@hotmail.com

Livejournal username: Nomi_noo


Thats all for now folks. TTFN!


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Good Morning,


Have been saying ill get round to that for a couple of days now, but with Laptop back I can add photos :headscratch:.

Well my screen name was a spelling mistake on my behalf and I have kept it, im Alex.


Im 18 just finished A levels and struggling to sort out all the paper work (more than usual, due to male chicken ups at the Institute of Financial Services) for Uni. I studied and failed Physics and History, and should have passed in Business. I also have a diploma in Finance.


Out side of school I have tought with the Sea Cadet Corps, teaching, First Aid, Meteorology, Admin and Office Skills, Communications, and Marine Engineering.


I started learning to drive at the age of just 10. Yes this is 100% serious, I have a DVD made for anyone non believeing. It was at a private club Under 17 Car Club (U17CC), which would take you to various locations throughout the country and you would learn to drive on private land, in a controlled enviroment. You drove your parents cars, until your standard got up and then generally you took other peoples cars and drove them too.

By the age of 13 I had driven an 18 Wheel Articulated Lorry, a Toyota MR2, A Ferrari 355, a Bently, a Limo and many more, by the time I turned 17 I was driving trucks and vans all the time, a friend used to bring his racing modified car (which he races professionally, for BLR) and I would race that. I had also driven everything from Fire Engines to Diggers. (My younger brother 12 is now going through the same club).

If you are a parent this is a great idea :thumbup:

I am also a keen wakeboarder and plan to spend most of this summer out on the water, tearing it up and having fun.


I have been to evey Collectormania except C5 and that was due to family problems. Love the shows completely, love the crew, and love the organisers. They always make a great family atmosphere.


Im going to stop boring you here, but msn: dictionaries@hotmail.com

AIM: Alexsmiff

Myspace: www.myspace.com/guko


photos can be found at www.freewebs.com/alexsmiff



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I'm vicky, from northampton, im 24 and am currently job hunting...anyone need any staff at their work places? lol


love watchign stargate atlantis and sg1 and am jammy and have been to the sets woo hoo :firedevil::D:D sooo much fun and soooo many pictures :poki:


hmmm not sure what else to say really lol lets see if i can find a half decent pic of me ....



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Right lets see...


- Suzi, Sooz, Boozy, Flooz, Muse, Boobs, Ginge

- 18

- Been here for FAR too long! (Member number 64... see :WINCE: ) But I don't post as much as I used to. I hope I'm missed!!!

- MySpace I use it too much. I take photos of myself too much, and Photoshop them too much too. For this, I apologise

- I live in Silverstone, social epicentre of the world I'll have you know... One weekend a year anyways. (Woo beer tents!)

- I have just finished and probably not done too fantastically on my A levels, we'll have to see wont we.

- I drink too much, dance too much, sing too much... Usually lose my voice as a result.

- Been crew for Showmasters events since C6 and been attending since C3, when a fan girl crush on Tom Felton reeled me in :P. Since then I've really only been going to be with the friends I have made, as they're all so utterly fantastic, and there's no autographs I really feel the need to buy! I'm more content wandering around the stalls and picking up random stuff when I get the chance!

- I enjoy reading, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, drinking, taking photos and generally being an idiot most of the time.

- Most photos of me will include me looking like this: :WINCE: this: :P or this: :D . It's a proven fact.

- I'm at my happiest when I am with my friends or when I am creating. I prefer to make peoples presents rather than but them. This could be because I'm cheap.. but also because it makes it a whole load more personal. They usually look a bit like this:


And I'm crap at getting things done, so I have quite a backlog... but I do take requests :WINCE:

- I LOVE my summer assignment for the course I'm starting next year at College. We have to complete and art journal on what we do this summer before we start the art foundation course in September. I can't wait!!!

- I like McFly. Just a little bit.

- I work in Wallis in the Centre:MK, feel free to come and harrass me. I get bored!!

- I drive a VW Polo. Its pink red pink red pin-... somwhere between the two. It causes arguements.

- That's about all I can think of really... I'll let you use your imagination. Or else, ask questions.


I'll find a photo for you now... Lucky you!!!


Just cuz I quite like it :D

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  • Showmasters Admin

Ok, it's about time we introduced ourselves. So here goes.


I'm Andrea, one of several people who post as Showmasters (yes, I know it's confusing. Sorry!). I'm very nearly 36 and live at Showmasters Towers in sunny Milton Keynes. I'm usually to be found at the organisers booth at the shows (look for the person with the glazed expression and large coffe mug in her hand), unless I manage to escape for a few minutes! At forum events I'm usually the one rolling her eyes at the antics of the other Showmaster, Jason.


Err, not much else to say. I spend most of my time working. Have a reputation for taking sneaky snapshots, the best of which can be seen HERE (click on the public albums link near the bottom).


Other than that I'm into Stargate, Harry Potter (we HAVE to have a party for the next book launch!), etc, etc. When I'm drunk I look like this:




And when I'm relaxed (ha! like that ever happens!) I look like this:




Not much else to say. Come and say "hi" if you see me at the shows, and if you'll buy me a coffee I'll love you forever!



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Hello, I am Jacs, also known as Jacali, Jac, or sumtimes Draco (see pic). I used to be a mad Harry potter fan but im not so much any more, partly i think because i ran out of money haha


i love the new doctor who, and pirates of the carribean. I love to dance, i mostly do linedancing, which is not as crap as it sounds lol hmm what else, oh i recently took up clay pigeon shooting, and im hoping to get to the 2012 olympics with that.


oh yeh, im 22 and i live in chester lol


heres me as draco.....




and me as myself.....


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