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  1. Ah well thanks for the reply
  2. Don't suppose there is the possibility of a day ticket option for this one?
  3. Dan Payne! And I know for a fact he wants to come back to the UK and is totally up for it :)
  4. you might want to arrange for this to be double checked as corins twitter says something different to what is being said here .......
  5. Seeing as Martin wood has had to pull out of the con there is a little space which needs filling now and I do believe chuck would fill that spot quite nicely!
  6. I have just sent you an email with my new address details please let me know if you don't receive it! Many thanks Vicky
  7. Would be awesome to have him over :) come on sm!
  8. Chuck would be awesome I add my agreement to this one!
  9. It's great to see others would like to meet Dan, come on showmasters he is ready and willing!
  10. Dan payne! He wants to come!!! Martin wood and Peter delusive would be good too :)
  11. Hi, this is a message for the organisers not sure if you will see this on here but Dan Payne is interested in attending this event so please consider him!! He is always good fun and has lots of funny stories!
  12. i'm not going to this event but cant believe how many people have been moved across the road. i live in northampton and it is literally over the road so not too far to travel but even so that is terrible. its not like its even 1 or 2 of you there seems to be a rather large amount of you. i would seriously consider complaining when you get there and tell them you are paying the ibis price not the park inn price - strength in numbers and all that .... good luck!
  13. so do I and all i would say is if you want to go you had better start saving pennies and requesting cash from father christmas.....
  14. im just suprised that the guests werent put in the nice warm room that the majority of the dealers were in .....
  15. from past experience take any confirmation that you have with you! also make sure the price you are given includes VAT on one occasion when we went we asked to confirm the price when we checked in and the guy gave us the figure withouth vat but didnt tell us that so it was over £100 more when we checked out than what we were told!! also, bear in mind if you are driving they charge you to park there even if you are staying in the hotel!! ive been for other events and its normally £5 per 24 hours for the parking .... for anyone not familiar with the area there are not many places nearby to eat... there is a pub down the road (turn left out of the hotel car park and keep walking - it is small though so you may have trouble, especially on a saturday niht, if your turn right out of the hotel and walk to the pedestrian crossing there is a chinese over the road - bit pricy but nothing you wouldnt expect for London - they do take out and eat in but i think you have to spend at least £10 on food per person if you ar eating in...if you get take out minimum is £10 if you are paying by card. There is also of course macdonlds or the hotel restaurant.
  16. lets hope you have a dj that has them and is willing to play them
  17. ummm not sure on the email confirmation if you booked via the internet i would have thought you would get something..... fyi if you dont want to live on macdonalds!! if you turn immediately left out of the hotel and walk down the road for about 10 minutes into the village there is a pub that serves nice food, it is quite small though so be warned. if you turn right out of the hotel and then right onto the main road there is a chinese - it does both eat in and take out (apprently if you eat in you have to spend £10 or more on food per person) and with the take out you have to spend over £10 if you want to pay by card. tbh the hotel menu int bad and its not too bad a price for london :)
  18. cider i think the rooms that you had were in the separate bit opposite the main reception, across the car park. the reason these are not around now is because that block was made into offices (i believe that is the head office for the thistle chain now) those were awesome rooms! its a shame they arent around anymore
  19. for those of you driving to the thistle there is also a car park charge, normally £5 a day from my experience of other cons there..... be warned there are no lifts in this hotel either .......
  20. One question no one has asked yet..... Where are SM going to get the photo's developed? Will wait until I've been to the new venue before making judgment, but do like the shopping center as you can browse around and you have a bigger choice for food.
  21. my experience of the thistle is that they arent the most helpful... however if your english is not great i wouldnt worry too much because they seem to have a variety of people who can speak different languages so you should be fine on that side of things..... just a word to the wise though, there arent really any places nearby to the thistle to eat unless you have a car...... or unless you love macdonalds!!!!
  22. yes this is true and i cant believe i didnt think to ask that. I would definately love an xfiles con as im sure many others would...... especially since it is in everyones minds with the latest film release (very good btw, dont listen to the reviews!!) plus a lot of the x files cast have moved on and done other shows eg Mitch Pileggi - Stargate Atlantis, Nicholas Lea was in CSI and im sure there are many many more!
  23. this is such a shock, I like many others didn't quite believe it when I first heard it. Don was a true gentleman and was very pationate about what he believe for :) he will be truely missed, my heart goes out to all his family and friends at this very sad time. His family should be very proud of all his acomplishments and for the impact he has had on many people. he will be remembered fondly for years to come. xxx
  24. Wasn't it the 3rd week of February when they started filming? i believe it was :) i thought that was quite sweet of Chris to say that was what he missed!
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