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  1. Met him years ago at a Collectormania. Rutger is a legend and can get my Hitcher pic signed that C Thomas Howell signed a few years back.
  2. Pass received. Will we collect something at the weekend for the ten photoshoots included ?
  3. Met Amanda years ago at Autographica. Lovely lady, may take the chance to meet again.
  4. So it's Brighton for this year only and then back to Olympia for London FCC Winter 2016 ?
  5. Will there be any restrictions on days for the photoshoots for the deluxe pass or can we just join a queue any day ?
  6. One of the benefits this year of having guests like Sigourney Weaver and Michael J Fox is that it makes it more likely to get big guests next year. No disrespect to those that play the smaller roles, but if I was an agent and looking out for my client I wouldn't be interested if last you had third stormtrooper on the left at your event, I would want to know what big names you have had and to demonstrate you are a professional outfit that can cope and look after my client.
  7. Interested to see if anyone managed to meet the Diamond guests for autos without a Diamond pass. The only Diamond guest I managed to meet for an auto was Bill Paxton on the Saturday. I picked up vq tickets for Sigourney and Christopher both days but sadly the vq numbers never got up to my tickets and I was in pretty quick as had a Gold Pass.
  8. Nobody ! I rushed around all 3 days to make sure I had met everyone I wanted. The only slight regret was I didn't manage to get a Christopher Lloyd auto (picked up vq ticket on Friday and Saturday but never got to my number), although having the photoshoot with him and the Delorean pretty much made up for it.
  9. I find it really strange that some people don't check the information, especially when they aren't from London AND they travel with children... As someone with children I do find that quite staggering that you would go to the time and expense of travelling to an event without checking on the website the details regarding tickets. Whether I have been to an event before or it is my first time, I always make sure I know exactly what the situation is in regard to tickets. I do sometimes wonder how people manage to function in the real world !
  10. For Premieres I guess, been there at silly o'clock in the morning, although never camped out.
  11. Whoa, wait, are you seriously saying a pit boss touched you without your consent, while you were doing nothing that warrants a pit boss, who is not security as far as I know, to physically intervene?? I can confirm this happened. MJF Delorean shoot late Sunday afternoon. I was batch 4. We were told to start moving as soon as the flash had gone for guest before, even if they weren't up yet. I did this but had to hesitate as the gentleman kneeling by MJF hesitated (I think he wasn't sure if his pic had been taken). In my hesitation I was pushed from behind by pit boss. Not violently but enough to make me move forwards and the hand didn't move until I'd started walking once the guy had gotten up. It was happening to others before I got there as well. Hands placed on backs and pushed forwards. It was a shocking photoshoot and was obviously vastly oversold and/or trying to get it done in a very short, tight near-impossible timescale. One of the crew in photoshoot area D was hands on as well in the Marc McLure shoot in the afternoon, very uncomfortable.
  12. When the Diamond pass idea was first floated , one concern was that I may only want to get a photo or an auto with a particular diamond guest as I may have met them before. In the most case that worked fine, as I was able to purchase a separate photoshoot for Michael Gambon for example, but didn't require an auto. The only item I would have probably liked to have got separately was an autograph ticket for Michael J. Fox for example, but in reality to make this as part of a diamond pass was on balance the best way to manage this. I think it probably did take some people by surprise that relatively few vq ticket holders managed to get autos from diamond guests, so I wonder if there is an option say in the future to sell a limited number of pre-booked auto tickets for guests like Sigourney Weaver outside of the Diamond Pass. Just a thought.
  13. Always interesting to hear the post event thoughts, an event of this size must be a real challenge so is a real achievement for the Showmasters Team to be able to put it on. The event in the main was excellent and as a gold pass holder the only two areas that I would welcome a slight change in next year are: 1. A different location for the chill out room. Whilst I can understand there may have been a need to close access during paid talks, there was certainly an expectation that the room would be available all weekend, so I do feel another location should have been found. 2. The location of photoshoot areas. This was challenging to say the least, even with a gold pass to be able to get from a photoshoot on the ground level (b,c etc), all the way to photoshoot e on the first floor at the other end , which meant I missed a photoshoot on the Saturday despite doing my best to walk quickly in a busy and hot atmosphere. I was able to get my shoot the following day, but over the weekend I had a number of shoots that overlapped and were very spread out, with some of the shoots only running for 5 to 10 minute slots. I've never had a problem before at previous shows, so I do think serious consideration needs to be given to locating all the photoshoots in one area next year. Otherwise, thank you to the crew and the team for putting on such a fantastic event and giving me the chance to meet many of my movie heroes like Michael J Fox , Sigourney Weaver and Robert Englund amongst many others.
  14. Firstly, lots of things worked well and the crew despite being very busy at times were excellent. Photoshoot collection is a dream compared to other events and the ability to order tickets online now during the weekend are both excellent improvements and use of technology. I would be interested to know why all the photoshoot areas weren't in one location. Prior to the event when it was announced there would be multiple halls myself and others raised this concern, yet in some sort of Krypton Factor obstacle challenge we were made to have to traverse two halls to get from A to E for example and even three floors to get from B to F. With the short time slots of some guests this was impossible even with a gold pass and I missed two shoots due to the crowds and heat in the venue. Staff were greatcin advising I would be o.k. getting these the next day but the Herculean effort I made trying to get there almost finished me off and was certainly a big downside for tge weekend. A large area for Cos Play guests to have shoots woukd be great, often narrow walkways were made almost impossible to pass due to people stopping to take photos, the venue really missed the large space from previous years at the end of the hall for this.
  15. Pros Entry on all three days was easy Getting priority in photo and auto queues diamond aside was very helpful Having a room to go into and relax in with plenty of water was like getting to an oasis Used my photo tickets for a shoot with Tim Mcinnery and autos for two Star Wars guests on Sunday Cons Diamond passes now trump Gold, only real guarantee of autos for Diamond is to get a Diamond pass Goody bag was very poor, nothing of note at all Disappointing that gold room was closed on occassion, you really couldn't have sat in there to hear talks, certainly not clearly but if there was a concern it should have been moved elsewhere Seemed like a lot had been sold, was told about 700 by crew Verdict Worth the money overall Changes Just put in £20 auto and £20 photo voucher which can be used any day with a copy of the programme in the goody bag. Locate the room somewhere which is genuinely accessible all weekend More of a range of snacks, there really is only so many marshmallows and mints you can eat in one weekend, Friday there were some crisps but didn't seem to be anything else on Sat and Sun
  16. I tried to get into the gold room but was told it was closed due to the BTTF talk. A bit disappointing but a kind crew member did sort me out some water which was what I was desperately in need of. Having been in the room when other talks were on I can confirm that at best you could only hear snippets of answers and it certainly wouldn't have warranted going to sit in the room for a talk.
  17. Was just about to buy a ticket and realised it clashed with the MJF talk !!! :-(
  18. Thank goodness I am there all weekend I can see it is going to take some working out ! I seem to have a number of occasions where I am going to need to get from one floor to another for photoshoots within minutes, any idea how long it takes to get from one floor to another at the venue ? Do I need a hoverboard ? My spreadsheet is overheating.
  19. Mara is excellent. When I have had problems with tickets in the past, she's always sorted it out for me. I'm sure everybody will be fine.
  20. I can tell you some of the people who were there, but I don't think my memory will recall all the auto prices from 11 years ago. Other than to say, most of the guests then tended to be £10, with a few at £15 for an auto. One major different thing is that there were no official photoshoots, these were introduced a number of years later, so all my photos were leans over the desk. The first event was also held at Wembley in what I think was the exhibition / conference centre. Guests at the first event in March 2004 included Adam West from the 1960s Batman, Pat Morita from the Karate Kid films and Brent Spiner from Star Trek.
  21. Interesting to know but surely last year was the 10th anniversary ? The first LFCC was at Wembley on the 6th and 7th March 2004 ?
  22. I hadn't realised he was still with us. Still sad news though, some great performances.
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