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  1. Wow, i haven't been here in TIME.
  2. Still lappin' it up Shabsy!
  3. It might sound funny but my village rents out 2 big ones
  4. Handle? My car door has one!
  5. Shabby, i haven't got skype anymoreeee you should be on msn!
  6. sarah-4-eva


    oh god i hope that terrapins being looked after properly. They're incredibly hard work. Getting a 120 gallon tank for little norman the turtle soon :)
  7. Extra hot curry tonight then el? Followed by lots of rampant sex. LOTS!
  8. Chunk is 80, he couldn't grow anymore if he tried. Weren't you shocked by the thread in which he finally learnt to use a computer? He's catching up with times man!
  9. Sum of all Fears And Mothman What i don't get is why the HELL would anyone want to watch this? And why did the producers ever think anyone would?
  10. sarah-4-eva


  11. SQUEEZE HIM OUT EL, SQUEEZE!! You've probably already done it now lol.
  12. WOMBLES?! Hahaha, ok he's allowed, i'd just want to sing at him =D
  13. is that roo on her babygro? RIGHT, she is officially AMAZING
  14. hahaha thats nothing, i've had a company TAKE money from my account without my permission and then refuse to give me copies of ANY contracts.
  15. HA my lifes not too bad at the minute and after this i think i'd end up in hospital so... naaaaaaaaaah lol. Plus i'll be in LARNDARRRRRRRRRN! ps. what the hell is that thing when you log in. "please wait. or if you don't want to wait, click here!" Well, who the HELL would want to wait? =\
  16. lol someone from 911 was in my work the other dayyyy
  17. Help me, i cant see the dragon! =(
  18. sarah-4-eva

    I love...

    I bet i love kisses more than you do!
  19. Sorry i missed your call shabs, was in alton towers. Went mental when i heard the voicemail though, didn't actually hear past "got through to the queen" because i was too busy yay-ing and telling Simon lol. Awww of course you weren't going to be booted, you're SHABS! Awww shabs, you must ring me. Happy =)
  20. Whoa, hello! Not seen you for AGES!! NEWS! How lovely! Come to my work and get discout! Woo! (mothercare haha) Aww well done. Who is this welshman anyway?! =o :) Golly, time flies past too fast doesn't it. Erm short version is I fell for this crazy guy off my livejournal who was at the time living in Canada. He moved back to the UK over a year ago to be with me and has managed to put up with me this long. I'm going to make a convention if it kills me this year, or possibly a meet just to catch up and you can see just how utterly gorgeous he is then :) Aww i'm really happy for you. About time you found someone to be happy with, i know you had some down times. Hows the girls coming along too? Is your hair still fantastically multi-coloured? Or was it blonde and red last time i saw you? Where the hell did you go to? =( Ahh well its nice to hear from you after all this time! Put a smile on my face thats for sure, have fun x
  21. I'm having my first soon but i cant find anyone nice enough to help me design it =(
  22. 'there's no proof that passive smoking is dangerous' - can you be any more dense? if smoking in itself causes cancer among loads of other diseases, then of course breathing in the smoke from others' cigarettes is going to be dangerous. Hello kaybs =p
  23. Someone posted a massive journal entry on lj which i agree with. I've edited bits out though, ha! --- at the end of the day, tobacco is a drug, the same as alcohol is - a legal one, maybe, but in just the same way that anyone drinking every single day would be classed an alcoholic, so someone who smokes every single day is an addict. funny thing, then, that the only people i've seen to protest the ban is those who fall into that category. tobacco contains ammonia, arsenic, and formeldahyde among others, and around 600 people die every single year just from passive smoking. this ban is NOT an infringement on the human rights of those who smoke - it's standing up for the human right - to LIVE - of those who have to spend their nights out breathing in the smoke of others and subsequently causing damage to their lungs through no fault of their own. smokers, you're not losing the right to make your own choice over whether to smoke or not - smoking itself is not illegal. you're simply losing the ability to damage others through your smoking. and let's face it, if you still did have the choice of smoking in pubs and such, you wouldn't make the choice not to.
  24. Whoa, hello! Not seen you for AGES!! NEWS! How lovely! Come to my work and get discout! Woo! (mothercare haha) Aww well done. Who is this welshman anyway?! =o
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