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  1. I know! How rubbish http://hollywoodinsider.ew.com/2010/05/14/...anceled-by-nbc/
  2. Here are some thoughts... Farraday is the son of Ellie (blond, commando, chick)--aka Eloise Hawking--and Charles Widmore )making him Penny's half-brother). This fits in with my theory that the three remaining "freighties" were all born on the island. Miles is Dr. Cheng/Waxman/Hallowax's infant seen in the season premier. And Charlotte, whom we once saw excavating Dharma Polar Bear skeletons in the desert, has obviously been to the island before and has referred to coming to the island as "coming home" (or something to that effect). I think baby Charlie is going to turn out to be more important than we currently suspect. This season has trended strongly toward baby/toddler themes with Aaron, Ji Yeon, Baby Cheng, and now Charlie. There is something going on there. I know it sounds odd but what if Desmonds and Pennys son IS Charlie and due to the time change he ends up on the island when hes an adult, that would mean he dies on the island warning his dad that its not his mums boat? lol weird but you never know with this show! James
  3. I do like the new time jumping island thing. I hope they jump back a bit further. What time periods would you guys like to see shown? Personally I wanna see when the Black Rock got there and maybe something with the 4 toed statue oh and something to do with when Russo and Alex first got there. Also love how Desmond is again quite important as he can sort of control things more than the others, may be due to his expose to the energy when he did the failsafe? Nice return from Mrs Hawking, think she will be around alot more now. It seems Charlotte is getting the sickness, guess she needs a constant pretty sharpish. Anyone notice the number 3 popping up alot eg broken elevator buttons, butcher queueing tickets, maybe now the island has moved the numbers have changed? Definetly a good start and the next one looks good too.
  4. They might not be able to write any good scripts but they sure can write a "previously on" when they had the season opener they made the last season look awesome and really action packed, made it seem like a lot more happened than it really did.
  5. How bad was the last episode of Smallville? First 2 were ok, but that was a terrible boring story, they need to step it up a notch James
  6. Yep this is definetly George, I was his assistant one year and sat with him while he signed loads of this particular picture. Although he is mainly famous for having the first human speaking role in Star Wars: A New Hope. James
  7. Mr Muggles would reveal all the secrets!
  8. I felt sort of stupid when we heard the voice say to Matt that there is water in that plant and I was like "No way he is reading the mind of that tortoise" Only to discover there was a man behind him. Not a clever moment for me, lol
  9. So...the new season started this week in the US. Whos seen it so far? Looks like a very different season this year and I was a bit aprehensive at first but I actually really enjoyed it. Thoughts anyone?
  10. Noooo! I was counting the days till November. July, thats aaages away James
  11. To be honest just a picture of Kristin and Hayden would have been a good enough for a promo for me! Is the girl who could imitate anything she saw still in it? And I can't believe Maya is still in it, shes too annoying!
  12. Whos the bird in the back next to Matt parkman?
  13. Finally up to date with Smallville and I must say its getting very good the last couple of episodes. Anyone else been watching? James
  14. Whats the game like guys, I'm tempted because of my love for Lost but have heard mixed reviews James
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