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  1. Wow it's really strange I've been getting all LOTR nostalgic recently.It's given me so much,mainly good friends.My first event like many was C3
  2. It's not hugely fun when you end up at the bottom of a pile up.It does improve slightly when people helpfully pick you back up again!
  3. If your looking for a photography website that's not too bad to set up then Photium is one I use. I did use geocities a while back but haven't really done anything since setting up my photium site
  4. Nina Dobrev please Oh and Katerina Graham and Candice Accola
  5. Looking forward to crewing,not crewed in over a year and have missed everyone
  6. well they all used to be on my walls but they are currently in storage until I decide what to do with them.I have a few things around my Nathan Fillion essay auto is in a frame on my dressing table,Andy Serkis Smeagol poster on my bedroom door and Wicked original London cast poster on my wall along with a couple of signed Amanda Palmer,Neil Gaiman things :)
  7. Tis true about the bias,I work in Jessops and some staff are biased towards one or two brands. Panasonic Lumix's are great as are the Canon Ixus/Powershot range
  8. Really sad news RIP Andy,you brought so much laughter and kindness to everyone you met and will be missed xoxo
  9. Not really A-list but still.. Neil Patrick Harris!! Cheno!!(Kristen) Kristen Bell Rosario Dawson Alyson Hannigan Julian McMahon Evangeline Lilly (and I would die of happiness) Tracie Thoms Tina Fey David Boreanaz Emily Deschanel Would be nice to see Nathan Fillion again
  10. The living room we have a Sony 32" Bravia PS3 for blu-ray A sony multi region DVD player with surround sound cinema speaker kit. I have a 32" LG LCD in my room as well.
  11. I'm loving KOL being number 1.Nice to see them finally getting the recognition they deserve. And Metallica are amazing too!I've never been a really big fan till I saw them live at Leeds,probably the best performance of the weekend.
  12. Ermmm most of mine are burried in my drawer somewhere..so I can't really remember Panic at the disco The Academy is... Story of the year The Dresden Dolls x2 or 3 Idina Menzel x quite a few
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