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  1. im hoping i will be able to make it to this one! plenty of time to get outfits sorted anyways!
  2. the only three i want cons for are all in the 1st box Harry potter SMALLVILE Buff/angel
  3. just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on having soap actors at events?
  4. ah i see, yeah that would make more sense lol
  5. Unlimited David Tennants, all of them nekkid?? oh no, i dont think i could handle more than two at a time I dunno....Lots of Berocca & Red Bull and I'd give it a whirl what's berroca? i thought that was a constipation remedy?
  6. I LOVE SMALLVILLE! i agree about the hair, does look a little weird i did not know there was a justice league tv show, did we get that over here??? was it a cartoon?? have i been living under a rock??
  7. Unlimited David Tennants, all of them nekkid?? oh no, i dont think i could handle more than two at a time
  8. 2 david tennants. 1 of them nekid. what more could you want
  9. Did you see how, after snogging Doctor 2, she went to run after the Doctor?! She can't have them both... lol i thought that too, leave one for the rest of us!!! i thought it was a fantastic episode, apart from it looking like martha joins torchwood. no offence to the actress i just cant STAND the character. shes so wrong for torchwood, shes more of a kids tv character, shed work better with sarah jane and that mister smith
  10. no way i am gutted i met him once and he was the funnest coolest guy ever. a true star
  11. Jacali

    Dr Who ?

    this made me laugh i did have lots of important points to make and opinions to give, but after reading through this whole thread it seems everyone has beaten me too it. darn.
  12. Jacali

    Dr Who ?

    did anyone else scream at the telly "NO U CANT"??? or was that just me and rose?
  13. in some ways i can understand why people are getting so upset, i'd imagine it would be disappointing to pay a lot of money then have guests cancelled. But that IS what happens with these guests,they do have other commitments. in some ways you should be glad the biggest ones are too busy to come see the show coz it means they are still out there working and we still get to see them on our screens! that's a positive from a negative isnt it?! Also, look at who you DO get to meet! two of the main characters who have been there since the beginning! i myself wont be attending, due to personal
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