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  1. apparently i'm putting in an appearance, so i have been told.
  2. Jesus christ there's just no stopping you is there
  3. I was there and was told the photo shoot was sold out! It was sold out! A vast majority (if not all.. unless some were bought Saturday? I'm not sure which it was) of the tickets were sold from the online shop prior to the event. Either way... there were none for us to sell on Sunday morning, which did make for a lot of disappointed fans.
  4. Oh Claaaaaaaaaiiire there's definitely some questionable photos of myself in there!! Haha I love them. Namely... and uhhhh.... saywhat!? So this goes... salt, THEN tequila, THEN lime, right? and it amuses me that I appear to be outraged about something in this pic... who knows what. I certainly don't remember much about that night
  5. Woooo for avoiding photos so far again. I seem to just not appear in them anymore. C'monnnn where's the rest?
  6. Zero7 - Somersault Tom McRae - 2nd Law. (actually quite a lot of Tom McRae) Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah (has done since I first heard it 2 years ago... but more now) Christina Aguilera - Hurt Hope - Who Am I to Say Hope - Rain Don't Last Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek All on a very personal level, like you said.
  7. Ohhh they terrified me. Being his guest assistant for the day, I thought I was going to get stabbed when he didn't turn up on time.
  8. Ohhhhhh Saturday was not the most fun crewing experience, I can promise you. But I guess we owe thanks back to the fans who waited so patiently, and kept me amused while sat there for the majority of the day twiddling my thumbs waiting for a certain Mr. Dyer to eventually turn up. We understand that all the confusion and uncertain answers we tried to provide were frustrating. So thank you all for your patience!!!
  9. He did Oxford Street yesterday. Unfortunately I managed to actually sleep through my chance to even be the in the queue so I didn't bother heading up there after getting out of bed at midday. I think I need to sort out my priorities!!!!!!!
  10. Brownies?! Aww have fun with that... I miss my Brownies but I don't think I would have coped taking them anywhere like that. I was about to say I never did anything that exciting when I was a Guide... But I went to India as a Ranger so I guess I'm lying!! Have an awesome weekend Julie!! xx
  11. Cuz you lurrrrrrrve us. WHo knows.. by then I may not even be able to afford to either. Good times.
  12. you are awsome Aww bless ya honey...you're awsome too. Anyone who loves Eddie is tip top in my book, you obviously have impeccable taste!!! I vote we start a "Get Eddie for LFACC/CM" club....what do you think?? IZZARD knew youd show up naomi will appear soon im sure lol Damn right. Where's Taters?
  13. Yes yes I loved the card!! there's so someone on there I can't actually decipher the writing of though... And I love Tara for those pictures she posted for me You guys are the best
  14. I'll be a poor student living in london by then, you'll probably see me around less.
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