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  1. Shirefruit


    I JUST BOUGHT MY TICKET! Standard ticket, Sam photoshoot, and probably gonna buy the other shoots on the day. SO EXCITED!
  2. Shirefruit

    latest Guest Anouncement - Michelle Forbes

    Amazing! She's been in everything that is brilliant. She's like a TV lucky charm! I totally have to go to C16 now.
  3. Shirefruit

    Sharlto Copley

    Yes! He's brilliant, and I was too in shock when he turned up to talk to him properly! I need to have a proper meet, and OMG a talk with him would be amazing.
  4. Shirefruit

    latest Guest Announcement - Stephen Lang

    OMG I hadn't twigged that Stephen was Freddy in Manhunter until now! I feel so stupid! Very impressive guest!
  5. Shirefruit

    Latest Guest Announcement - Mark Rolston

    I remember him being lovely and funny in the Aliens talk at LFCC a while back! Nothing like his nasty Shawshank character.
  6. Shirefruit

    New Event - Roadhouse

    I've never watched an episode but I need to come here and say thank you for making all my friends very very happy.
  7. I do event news on my new website, so have put it up today! ScreenGeek.co.uk
  8. Shirefruit

    latest Guest Announcement - Sir Derek Jacobi

    This is the sort of guest that makes me happy!
  9. Shirefruit

    Amazing Guest Announcement coming soon!

    Not very nice to his fans the time we saw him on the red carpet in Toronto, went right off him Please see my avatar for proof of RDJ's awesomeness. On topic... personally I'm hoping this is going to be a prolific film actor/actress, or someone completely amazing from Lost. Can't wait!
  10. Shirefruit

    Latest Guest Announcement - Misha Collins

    I am extremely happy for all the rabid Supernatural fans, i.e. everybody I know.
  11. Shirefruit

    first Guest for C16 Linda Hamilton

    YES!!!! One of my heroes!!!! I met her this year and she was lovely. Will be able to get a photoshoot now! Amazing woman, so warm and friendly.
  12. Shirefruit

    Are you a lurker?

    I've got to choose between this and a festival in Paris, as I can't afford both. Am going to have to make a choice by the end of the month as the Eurostar prices are creeping up and the festival might sell out. So would need to know by then if it's happening, as meeting Michael Emerson is the most important thing in the world!
  13. Shirefruit

    New Event Announcement - Collectormania London

    How thoughtful of you to bring my beloved Collectormania to me on my birthday weekend! Thanks guys.
  14. No joke - I would be thrilled at this! Ben is worshipped by many people I know, and I think we'd all love a weekend focused on the character! OMG I love the thought of this...