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  1. Melde_Amy


    Happy Christmas everyone. Hope your families are annoying you already (mine is). Have a good 2008
  2. Melde_Amy

    Future of RingCon

    I would definatly book if David came
  3. Melde_Amy

    Are you Harry-Potter-ed out?

    Never been a huge fan of the films, but I enjoy them. I'm looking forward to seeing the ootp on fri and the next 2 whenever.
  4. Melde_Amy

    Automatic post edits.

    Same thing happened once when we were talking about D*ck and dom in da bungalow ages ago. Never bothered me though.
  5. Melde_Amy

    The Jason Voorhees Saloon

    I need an orange juice this early, and we've run out at home
  6. Melde_Amy

    The Jason Voorhees Saloon

    You've got to drink too much on your birthday. Its practically a law
  7. Melde_Amy

    Showmasters Jason is one year older!

    happy birthday. All the coolest people have birthdays in June
  8. Melde_Amy

    The Jason Voorhees Saloon

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Haven't posted in this thread for ages and ages.
  9. Melde_Amy

    deathly Hallows

    The full moon could be something to do with Bill or Greyback
  10. Melde_Amy

    Deathly Hallows

    When you consider that as the last book it doesn't have to start any new plots or leave any new clues its still quite long. Im really looking forward to the epilogue
  11. Melde_Amy

    deathly Hallows

    Looks brilliant, Glad to see Ron and Hermione with Harry. Anyone else thinging it might be Godric Gryffindor's sword Ron had hold of? edited- just had another look at it and I can't tell if It ron holding the sword, or just a disimbodied hand
  12. Melde_Amy

    A morning in London

    Thanks for the ideas. Might have to see how much of my student loan I have left before I wander anywhere near convent garden
  13. Melde_Amy

    The Size 0 debate

    There was an article in the paper about those websites. really strange. they had prayers and stuff to stop them eatting and gve each other advice on hiding it, how to resist eatting and things like that. One site even had ribbons for girls to buy to show that they were proud of being anorexic, a bit like thepink breast cancer ones.
  14. Melde_Amy

    The Size 0 debate

    Listening to the girls in the anorexia (sp?) place was really sad. Can't believe one of them was only 12 and wouldnt drink water in case it made her fat. Someone on the show said the fashion designers hire size 0 models to get publicity, but wouldnt they get more colum inches if they hired normal size 12-14 girls?
  15. Melde_Amy

    A morning in London

    I'm going to be in London on sat the 17th and I've got nothing to do in the moening. Anyone got any suggestions of good places to go/see preferably somewhere I can get to Euston from quickly?