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  1. Coming out of forum hibernation to give out a yelp of rejoice at this. Oh yeah!
  2. Gutting, but understandable. Hope he comes to another con in the future!
  3. Right, thanks. Though Alex is still insisting on Twitter that he's not attending at all. Weird.
  4. Has Alex been officially cancelled yet (I may have missed a thread)? On his Twitter, Alex himself has said he's not attending anymore due to work commitments, but he's still listed as attending on here. Don't want people to end up disappointed.
  5. Very impressive SM, well done! This is gonna' be one very busy show. Eek!
  6. LEGEND! Might have to meet him again, lol. He's always so lovely! Plus he's been in SO many things I love
  7. HELLLLLL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! SO happy about this. Always want to meet Alex. Thank you SM!
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