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  1. I am officially out off convention retirement just for Ray then. :)
  2. I've lost track of how long it's been, the username change probably lost me a few years. *rummage* 5-December 03 as TheLadyElanor. Eek. Long time ago, I remember my first con at the LFACC sharing my room with Caz, who I have no idea if is still lurking about. It's been too long since I attended anything though, stupid illness.
  3. I'm still hoping and praying for Clancy
  4. I'm coming out of my con retirement for this one. He's one of my favourite authors and no way am I missing the chance to meet him.
  5. I'm sure someone forgot to invite Clancy, get on it right now :)
  6. I'd come out of con retirement if they got Ron back <3
  7. Shabs when are you going to get on facebook, I have to keep dragging myself in here to see you're still alive.
  8. Pat Morita, I was too nervous to meet him and spent my money on meeting Chris Barrie instead. I've regreted it ever since, wish I'd got to shake his hand and tell him just how much I adored him in the Karate Kid films.
  9. *pops in and waves* How is everyone?
  10. Haha, oh I so have to join!
  11. I have both but I use an api to send my twitter tweets to update my facebook account. I'm too busy to check into facebook and I tend to keep it pretty private to just close friends, my twitter however has professional contacts and I update it by text message.
  12. 4 years on I'm still holding my breath for the first LFACC stuff that a few of us forum members went to behind the scenes, would be nice to have those memories.
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