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  1. An autographica guest possibly. An inspired guest and a current guest who has helped (with his team) to push the limits of the human body and space travel forward leaps and bounds.... I would love to see him and Mr Kittenger together at a show, I am sure they would be a popular duo. Anyone with any thoughts on this? (If you are confused or not recognising the name, google RedBull Stratos - for sky diving from space and travelling at 730mph in free fall)
  2. Just remember, these shows are great, especially the bigger ones with 10s of 1000s of people, these people you may if your lucky be able to strike up a relationship... but if not and you ruin all chances between you, and you dont want to be seen by that person you can both disappear for the rest of the show... unless you start asking EVERYONE at the show :-s
  3. Alx

    Carl Froch

    I am confident in making an assumption here that you have never crewed an event. But to help you understand I know that the crew member in this post had travelled over 200miles to crew LFCC, before amounting 34crewing hours, 5 hours travelling between the venue and the crew hotel before a 7hour journey home. This was then followed by a full working week, before making a 250mile journey from work to Milton Keynes for this event. So being drained is perfectly reasonable, after all if you had worked 3 full time working weeks in the space of two weeks I'm sure you too would feel drained. Plea
  4. I think Karen was perfectly placed. Showmasters knew her normal form and knew she could go with the demand. In terms of the handing out of VQ tickets for Karen, that was myself, and Im not new to Showmasters, I have been crewing with them for 8years. I was aware of what had been going on, and I think the people that waited until the end saw the speed in which we were able to put the ticket numbers up by. The only thing that had slowed us down following Karens talk was everyone who joined the queue despite their numbers not being called. As for handing out VQ tickets, I kept handing t
  5. I can completley understand the frustration. The 4 people are Showmasters, everyone else comes in for the shows. A few people add help outside fo the shows, but the 4 were solidly working on this major issue. Annoyingly it wasnt something that could be sorted at this late time. I dont know the in's and outs, but my overview of understanding, The hotel booking is like a plane ticket, the hotel upgraded its computer system and double booked. Whether money had been taken or not there was nothing that could be done at that time. If money had been taken then it was simply a case of turn and
  6. I know it can be frustrating when things don't go100% to plan, especially of you travel for a specific reason. As I am sure you can appreciate that Showmasters work very hard to make this event work. Furthermore they did not finish working until the small hours this morning (with the immediate tasks, such as removing dealers and equipment from Earls Court). Having said this Jason has come on line last night to state he would give a full statement... He has then come online again this morning to give a brief statement, explaining why some things did not happen as planned, and that they wou
  7. It really depends on how long you can wait. To explain I had handed out over 1000 VQ tickets before standard entry (Showing thwe true value of ordering the early bird tickets in advance). I worked my ass off to help everyone get a VQ ticket and try and put an estimate of when you would get to see Karen. Following her talk the queue appeared, with hundreds of people that hadnt been called, nonetheless we sorted this and once we got the queue where we had wanted we were getting the numbers up quickly. Sadly for anyone that hadnt been able to stay, we had managed to get Karens Queue to an Op
  8. I would just like to thank ALL of the attendees, because without you attending, I wouldnt have spent the last 10years spending the odd weekend with some of the best people in the world (my friends) And Team Karen, because this machine was well oiled and we were insane with that effort....
  9. SM wont have gotten home until this afternoon at the very earliest... I didnt get home until 2am, and I didnt have to clear Earls Court, ensure people were where they should be, eat in London, pack, etc. Videos will be a few weeks I think :-)
  10. Cheers DB, but Ill have you know, not only did we blitz it and keep it on form, at 5.57 we went to OQ, a full 3mins for anyone to get into that queue, as long as you had passed the entrance to the booth ;-) Idris and Stuart were instrumental in helping me with that (not to mention Debs, Yvie and Graham flying through and keeping a smiling face all the way through :-) )
  11. Just an idea, but with the name, The very first and the very last Discovery Crews?
  12. Alx

    Corey Haim

    I agree with Christa, I remember chatting to him alot in London, and enjoying his company in the evenings. He was a really good guy, gutted to hear this. RIP Buddy
  13. I think the only thing missing was a bit of Be careful you don't get stopped at the borders with all those fireworks... And hell if we run out I have some scottish fireworks from bonfire night on my phone :-) :-) Yayayay
  14. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Towel as well, so at the moment I have no bedding and no Towel, this is what happens if I rush!
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