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  1. Kell

    Idiot alert

    Right I know this is gonna make me seem like a right idiot but I really don't care right now. Having got my hotel confirmation, I thought I'd book my trains to the Midlands show. So I go to the Virgin trains website but then I realise, I don't actually know where I'm going! I'm a very simple Northern gal and trains confuse me in general. I only ever go to London or Milton Keynes and then come back here to Manchester. Easy stuff. So where am I going? The show is in Coventry right? But the hotel is in Nuneaton yeah? So which station should I be heading to? Please help
  2. With the huge list of events Showmasters are putting on this year, I thought I'd make a little thread for people to say which ones they'll be applying to crew at I'll probably apply to do the Collectormanias (except Glasgow) and LFACC. I might steer away from the specialist events as I wouldn't have a clue about them. So what about the rest of you?
  3. Aww makes me proud to work for them
  4. I love waiting for you to upload your photos....oh no I lied, I hate that
  5. Yeaaaaaah Tash and me are actually in this one
  6. Hehe It's like you're watching us...
  7. My C12 photos can be found at the following link, apologies for the random weird shots My Flickr
  8. Was lovely seeing you again sexy lady
  9. Think you should give Kirsty some credit for running round taking photos for you Was nice meeting you btw
  10. Unsurprisingly I'll be there (if they'll have me) Please don't have the crew party at the Copthorne again
  11. Awww sorry to hear that there won't be a party Jason, I was looking forward to doing something a bit different Thanks for letting everyone know though, now I don't have to worry about thinking of something to dress up as! Just have to find something decent to wear for whatever mischief we'll end up getting up to instead
  12. You're right, it hasn't been cancelled yet but there hasn't been any word on it since it was announced. In fact, I can't actually remember an official announcement regarding the party. I started a thread about it months ago after seeing the banner on the website. But you have to admit that it's not a good sign that we haven't heard anything about the party since it was first brought up Maybe it is still going ahead and tickets will be sold during the event but if it's still a costume party then it's a bit short notice for people to find appropriate costumes this close to Halloween. Not unless you want everyone appearing in the same costumes
  13. I had such high hopes for this Horror Ball so I'm pretty miffed that we've not heard a single thing about it
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