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  1. Woohay I,m please to be here :) and yes are going :)
  2. Yeah you can count me in as well all 5 days woohay :)
  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the good fun over the past year, your guys are just the best crew in the world, thanks to the many people I have worked with the list is far to long :) Look forward to working with you all again soon :) Here's to 2011
  4. Yeah so want a Chuck con, I so love Chuck
  5. yes more people need to dance more, it more fun when more on the dance floor
  6. Woohay, "does a little dance" cant wait :) Wow a great website SJ looks the bis. PS good luck in your exam.
  7. Jason Andrea Paul Jones Gemma Simone Davey Too Tall Sarah Mark Carter Claire Carter Kelly Giles Andrew Murray SJ shabs Matt Andy Jones Alex Smith Daryn McGarva Ian King
  8. Sorry it a week saying thanks, just been working and needing sleep lol. Just want to say to say thanks to the crew in the area that I was Pit Boss in on the Sunday, hope I was ok. I was great to work with your all. Hope to see you at the next event. Ian
  9. Dixonhill

    Ninja Wendy

    I just love the photos of Wendy and cant wait for the film to come out I think that Wendy is one of the most nicest person to know. *hugs* x
  10. indeed SJ a really cool website, it one that I will be going to go as I love the show. :)
  11. Dixonhill

    Thank You

    Indeed Andy great to work with you and glad to help out. You now have a clone called Mary lol Take care Ian xx
  12. Seems like it wont be long till we have sold out, what the numbers now
  13. Well done, great news. look forward to hearing all the news when we catch up with then next
  14. Congratulation Kelly and Giles. The very best of of luck for the future and many happy years together.
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