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  1. kshah

    Chevron 7.9

    I can't believe I go so wrapped up in the DSTL event that I didn't even check if the Chevron one is clashing with anything else! My bad
  2. kshah

    Chevron 7.9

    Give it a go... I've never been before but I'm willing to give it a try even with the current line up just cos Shanks is a hero! :) Lol... I want to go, but it now turns out that even if they announce more guests, I won't be able to go... I have a family/friend's wedding that weekend up in Northampton, with pre-wedding activities from 1st Nov... I'm gonna have to wait for the next one BUT, you guys all go and enjoy!
  3. kshah

    Chevron 7.9

    I am still undecided on whether to go or not... I spent a bit more at DSTL than I intended and also am not sure I want to fork out 90 quid if there's only 3 guests (I'm sure the wknd would easily end up adding to 200 quid or 300 quid easily, as you can't go to the parties and not drink!)
  4. Anthony Montgomery was just fantastic! He is so cool! I 'troubled' him at the auto desk, and then went to His, Reed and Trip's talk - the only one we managed to get into! Pete (Crew) was amazing as he got us the 2 tickets we needed to get to see the 3 guests talk. Top bloke Pete! I also met many other fantastic guests, including Chase Masterson and Tricia O'neil, both absolutely gorgeous and very very friendly!!!!!!!! I just wish I had had a bigger budget for this event (being my first Ever Star Trek con, and only my 2nd ever Con, the first one being the EMS show in Olympia on 6th Oct 2012)... I am now hoping to go to the Las Vegas Star Trek Con in a couple of years, and plan to get autographs and photographs with as many guests as time will allow :-) I better go and start saving up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-p
  5. If your 2-day pass is for sat & sun, then you should be able to get it on sat. But tickets are now only available at the event box office, and they will confirm to you exactly which days you can use the ticket... good luck
  6. Keep in mind that a lot of people will be taking taxis/cabs this wknd from Excel to hotels/homes, so you might have to wait a while before you get a taxi... also, from what I've gathered on the Facebook page, a lot of people are staying in the various hotels, and quite afew of them are considering walking back (depending on the weather, of course)... If you are sure you'll be getting a taxi, try and book one ahead, but that is easier said than done as chances are you won't know what time you will be leaving from the party... Either way, keep your options open...
  7. If you are stuck for ideas of what to get your auto's on, here's a thought - The official DSTL Event Mag/Brochure is on sale for £10, and it seems like a nice item to have your autographs on; unless you want to have the auto's on a photo or poster that you want to frame.. I am thinking of either doing that or taking a star trek comic along to get the Auto's on...
  8. Hi, you'll probably be getting into Excel from Custom House Tube Station Entrance and Exit from the next station which is Prince Regent, or the other way round. Hope that helps.
  9. Watched 'The Beast Below' Yesterday. Beware the Smilers...
  10. John's seems to be scheduled to run for a lot longer, so go to the other, mention you have John's as well but you shouldn't have any problem getting from one to the other in plenty of time. Assuming John uses the full alotted time of course. The Excel Centre is quite big, and the number of people turning up is massive, so make sure you get your first photo asap, and then get to where your next photo is as quickly as possible...remember, there will be queues everywhere... I wish you the best, and pray you get them both :-) If you have any problems on the day, talk to one of the crew; they may be able to assist you or point you to someone who can help.
  11. Oh yeah! I blundered, ooops! I meant to say 'from the new film', but I just realised that would have been a blunder too! Thank you for the correction Rob :)
  12. Martha's back in the line-up, but Alice Krige is out... At least they now have someone from Enterprise joining the line-up! I might get my Auto with him now as Alice won't be there.....
  13. I may be there on Sunday by myself, so would be up for meeting there. It all depends on how Friday & Saturday go!
  14. I have a 3-day pass and have the same issue. One is an in-person autograph, so that one is stated just who it is. But the other one is pre-signed. I assume once we have entered into the building, we will be directed to where we need to go to collect the pre-signed autographs, and they will punch the ticket, so they know you have collected your in-person autograph. I don't know if there is any way to find out before the event just who the pre-signed autograph will be of...
  15. Thank you all for the positive encouragement! I went to the EMS at Olympia on Saturday, my first ever sci-fi event/con, and I met loads of cool people!
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