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  1. I feel I have to add to this thread. I think that Cassady was the happiest person I have EVER seen at any convention. She actively engaged with everyone. Her photoshoot on Sunday was so much fun. I went to get my photo signed afterwards and as I got to her table we were having a lovely chat, and at that moment that brilliant cosplayer dressed as Chewbacca wandered by, and she completely lost it, saying that she needed to go hug him. Go for it I said, and I took photos of her while she did, which she insisted I airdropped to her after. After all this madness, she duly signed my photo, and took a couple of dozen selfies and hugs and I was on my way. Around the end of the day I saw her going back to her table, and I thanked her for coming and told her I’d tweeted about her and Chewbacca earlier. Queue another round of hugs. That evening she liked my tweet as well. Showmasters, please have her back as often as possible. https://mobile.twitter.com/iankingart/status/1234084401237184512
  2. Hoping they can get Megan Fox back after her cancellation.
  3. Pretty sure it’ll just be the print, but if it’s the actual raw file it looks pretty photoshopable.
  4. Just wanted to share with you all some of the great Cosplayers. Wonderful job as always guys & girls.
  5. Was only able to come Sunday, and that was only for a wander around with my camera. Did see @Chris1970 emerging from the top of the stairs with pizza (I think) didn’t want to disturb his lunch. Got some good cosplay photos. Will post some of my favourites once home tomorrow.
  6. Met Tom at London Film Fair last year. Anyone debating wether or not to meet him, don’t be. The greatest Doctor ever, and the nicest chap you’ll ever meet. Cough up, take him some Jelly Babies and you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.
  7. Met George many years ago. What a gentleman he was. I may pop along and get my photo with him from then signed.
  8. Here’s my favourite. Many years ago at a con, my late wife and I met Leslie Easterbrook and Marion Ramsay who played Callahan and Hooks in Police Academy. Both were unbelievably friendly, and happily chatted away and posed for photos at their table. When we were leaving their table I happened to say we were off to the bar for a glass of wine. They joked they wished they could come with us and we left. While I was at the bar, I bought them both a miniature bottle of wine and took it back to their table along with a couple of glasses. They were so taken aback by my gesture. That was it for the day. Every time we walked past during that day they shouted us and waved. Later that evening, we went out for dinner in the hotel restaurant, and it turned out they were staying there as well. They saw us, shouted us over, and invited us to have dinner with them. We spent a few happy hours swapping stories and getting a little tipsy. The following day back at the con, we again visited their table, and they admitted they were a little worse for ware from the previous night. A nicer pair of ladies you couldn’t wish to meet.
  9. I can only add my sadness and deepest condolences to her family. Had the pleasure of meeting her a few times and she was such a wonderful person.
  10. Not sure if these would do/have done cons but I’d love it if you could get the cast from Some Mothers Do Ave Em: Michael Crawford - Frank Spencer Michelle Dotrice - Betty Spencer Gemma Arterton (Played Jessica Spencer in the 2016 Sport Relief special)
  11. Most have Chlamydia apparently.
  12. Superb write up. Regarding your photos, the one with Peter D is the one I most prefer. It just looks so relaxed, warm and personal (and I think I remember you from the queue). Look forward to seeing you next year hopefully??
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