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  1. Good event again today

    Have to agree with all above. As a first timer to this event I really enjoyed it. Tom was hilarious and such a gentleman. Rosalind Knight was a sweetheart and couldn’t be more chatty. I got some really interesting background stories on the carry on films. Same with the bond people. Loved the cosplayers. You could tell that this wasn’t the type of event that the cosplayers would normally attend but that made it all the more fun. Special shout out’s to both the the girl on the Tom Baker auto queue (pink/salmon top) great job done, and the purple hair girl on controlling the photoshoot queues. All in all, a great day, and I’ll definitely be attending the next one.
  2. Met Richard a few weeks ago at Birmingham, and what a gentleman he was. Anyone in two minds, go and meet him. When dedicating to me, I told him my name was Ian, and he said that was his real name, although spelt Iain. We had quite a chat about that. When I went for my photoshoot with him a few hours later, he remembered me and said ‘Hello again Ian’. Nice touch. I’ll probably go meet him again.
  3. Queuing area

    Just a heads up, it’s now 10:30 and the VQ tickets are up to 80.
  4. Food and drink

    Thanks SC & QS. Was just thinking I will be missing breakfast due to travelling so will need a snack to tide me over. I know the area well, so will be going out to eat somewhere during the day. And yes SC, I am going for Tom Baker - got a PS booked and will be arriving early for an (hopefully) lowish VQ ticket. Anyone seeing me there, please come over and say hi.
  5. Food and drink

    Hi all. I’m attending this event for the first time this weekend. Anyone know if you can bring food and drink in (sandwich’s and a bottle of water). I’ve checked the website but couldn’t see anything. Cheers in advance.
  6. Guest Cancellation - Katee Sackhoff

    Lovely girl. Pity she’s cancelled. I’m sure she’ll be back soon.

    I'm all for keeping con's in the midlands. Ideally they should all be in Nottingham.
  8. i had a fun day and enjoyed the show :-)

    I can only echo what I wrote on another thread, and that it was a great day. I only attended Saturday, going just to meet Ariana and Jenna who were both first class. Ariana was very obliging seeing as I wanted 11 prints signing. I got to spend a good five or six minutes chatting to her. Jenna was the same. I started queuing to see her while she was at dinner and I was first in line when she returned. She took the time to have a little chat, and so did her mum. She asked me where I wanted my print signed and even in which colour. The crew members I spoke to were all helpful and chatty, especially the guy who was organising Jenna's queue. Didn't catch his name - bald head with long Mohican, chesterfield fan, you know who you are. Congrats to all involved, I had a great day.
  9. Heathrow Disruptions

    Hi. Just wondering if today's events at Heathrow have affected any guests? I know the runways are now open, but there are big delays.
  10. Multiple items to be signed

    I'm going with a friend anyway and he says he'll get 5 signed for me, so I'll only have to queue twice. Thanks for all the help guys.
  11. Multiple items to be signed

    Ok thanks guys. I guess I may have to queue a few times then.
  12. I've got 15 prints of Ariana Richards (and 2 photoshoots), and 1 of Jenna-Louise Coleman upto yet.
  13. Hi all. Just a quick question. I'm bringing some prints along to be signed by Ariana Richards. These are to be auctioned off for Cancer Research UK after the event. As a general rule, is there a limit on how many things you can get signed at once? I have 15 I need doing. I'm hoping to be there very early Saturday to avoid the queues. Thanks all, and see you there.