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  1. Next comicon dates

    It's on here under the upcoming events as 8 and 9 September 2018.
  2. Question regarding guests

    Dont worry I know the feeling as I asked Inverness based friends if they went past Aberdeen en route to Glasgow several years ago (look on the map to see that one). Essentially Dorset is a county and Bournemouth is a city/town in the county :))
  3. Question regarding guests

    Hope so given Bournemouth is in Dorset
  4. Pre Order Refunds

  5. Pre Order Refunds

    Personally I'd say you've sent an e-mail, have patience padawan for Jason to get to it and respond. If you keep e-mailing all that's going to happen is that Jason will have a larger list of e-mails to go through and your first one will not be answered any the quicker. It will mean however that he will have to wade through all of your subsequent e-mails and either check whether or not he's responded already, respond to them which will then mean that others will have to wait longer for their e-mails to be responded to. SM also had a show at Sheffield last week so Jason will also have been involved in getting all the items for that show properly prepared and packaged up for taking there as well as dealing with items coming in for Glasgow/Bournemouth which are happening over the next two weekends as well.
  6. Pre Order Refunds

    Would you mean like the following which is clearly on the sales home page?
  7. Best lineup

    As with all guest announcements it's all very subjective. There'll be people who have absolutely no interest in Michael or Sigourney so for them 2015 was not that great. Likewise there'll be others who are into Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or Baywatch/Pamela Anderson and may think that with this year's guests it's a stellar show. "One man's meat is another man's poison" is the addage here.
  8. Eventbrite

    Would that be like Emily and that you're a lady!
  9. RIP Adam West

    With the Batvillains who've gone before him he'll be having a blast pow zok! RIP Adam West. My Batman.
  10. RIP Adam West

    Here's a linky to the BTTF and MJF photoshoot pics from 2015 to give you an idea of what it may look like.  SM office/mods may be able to confirm whether there will also be green screen.
  11. Early Bird Tickets

    On the assumption that they've not sold out on the actual day itself :-)
  12. Olympia floor plan

    If it was posted then it should be in the previous shows thread under LFCC 16 but that's not that this year's floor plan will be the same as changes do happen so probably best to wait for this year's when it's posted later in the year.
  13. Questions about the new forum

    Note to self: remember to hit save after changing options - duh!
  14. Questions about the new forum

    See for me it's only the new topic threads I'm after as what I'm getting at the moment is all posts. So, for example, with this thread rather than just getting #1 (which is what we had previously and what I'm after), I'm e-mailed 1-100. Checked my setting too :-) ETA: Actually I may just have rectified it myself will keep you posted!
  15. Questions about the new forum

    Maybe it's me missing things but the previous setting of "email me new topics" (or equivalent naming) seems to have disappeared?