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  1. When you come out of International station you simply turn right and you're at the NEC and then just follow the signs for the hall. When you get there the queues are usually self-evident.
  2. Knitty Fred


    Something to be aware of, if you're meaning a paid photoshoot when you say "photo" that the timetables of events are not released until a couple of weeks before and can take place any time from show open to show close. If you a look in the past events sections you'll see some previous timetables to give you an idea. You can get your hand stamped when you leave the hall which will allow you re-entry.
  3. Knitty Fred

    *edietd by mod*

    You have my sympathy regarding staying there. I did it last summer and let's just say between the staff and the bed bugs certainly not somewhere I'd be anxious to revisit!
  4. Knitty Fred

    Cardiff comic con photoshoot times

    As the team are are all at Exeter Comic Con this weekend I'd imagine it will be in the next day or two. If you're planning travel though work on the basis of them being any time between the opening hours, to be on safe side.
  5. Knitty Fred

    Autographs on behalf of someone

    Have you checked the Pre-Order website ? http://www.showmasterssales.com/homepage/cat_1453729-Destination-Star-Trek-Birmingham.html
  6. Knitty Fred

    Pre orders?

    Bear in mind that Sheffield was this weekend so Jason wont have had any real time at base to turn everything around.
  7. Knitty Fred

    Thanks For The Day...

    The majority of talks at smaller shows are general Q&As rather than the host asking all of the questions (LFCC has a mix of 100% hosting, 50:50 host/attendee questions and Mark Shepherd last year did a one man stand up routine for his talk with no questions asked at all). I prefer the open Q&A as for me it makes it feel more personable and interesting and being able to get an answer to a question that I feel is important to me and that perhaps others would also like to hear rather than questions that I may perhaps read in a magazine article.
  8. Knitty Fred

    Fred Ottman Refund

    What Raylenth said as beat me to it :-)
  9. Knitty Fred

    Fred Ottman Refund

    Do you mean you used the preorder service for your autograph?
  10. Knitty Fred

    Edward James Olmos - refunds?

    I would give it a bit longer as it depends on the banking system as well. It does also need to be borne in mind that everyone has been at the venue for the greater part of the past week and there will still be the breaking down/emptying of the venue going on today and possibly tomorrow so staff may not necessarily be back in until Wednesday (or possibly tomorrow) to handle everything.
  11. Knitty Fred

    Refund: Val Kilmer photoshoot

    The refund will be back to your bank/credit card of how you made the payment in any event. There is no map that specifies where each individual guest sits no - there is only the floor plan indicating the actual signing areas which is posted in an earlier thread :0)
  12. Knitty Fred

    Buying Figures and Collectibles Question

    There's a reason they're called exclusives
  13. Knitty Fred

    Nick Castle info please

    It is usually announced if a guest is doing a talk. Not all guests however do talks due to various reasons.
  14. Knitty Fred

    Clare Higgins CANCELLATION

    I'd imagine that refunds will start being processed within the next few days, if they havent started already, as they wouldnt be back in the office until yesterday at the earliest being in mind the hall had to be broken down and packed away etc etc.