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  1. One day ago Jason Joiner posted this on facebook (btw: I wasn't the one who asked):
  2. Every year I'm looking for hidden gems which I missed. This year it's definitively Rob Morgan who has some amazing shots in his galleries.
  3. Indeed. I had much fun during a barrowman Photo shoot. The results of some of the photos before me were nsfw
  4. Heathrow strike has been called off https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-49099170
  5. I'm sorry if I'm not clear enough: It's more a question about how to handle such a situation than complaining
  6. It was more mock anger. The problem was that the leaving was really loud and interrupted her. She tried to ask the man a question about him leaving but didn't get a reaction which resulted in two sentences from her about rude behaviour in cons.
  7. They didn't have a mug for my tooth brush in my hotel during comic con last year. So this mug was quite useful. But i don't think I took it home.
  8. Hehe, i've seen Marina Sirtis going mad when somebody from the front row left her talk ;-)
  9. Nothing decided yet. But that's good news! If I have understood it correctly british unions have to announce strikes 14 days in advance. So there's no danger anymore that this is affecting LFCC.
  10. I'm Not sure If someone else has noted it before: There's now a lucifer Talk on sunday in the Ticket Shop as a replacement for the Ellis Talk.
  11. Are there any overground or Tube closures that Weekend?
  12. There's also the danger of a Tube Strike. We will hear next tuesday when it will happen. As far as i have understood it the 29th could be a possibilty...
  13. Another thing that should be said: Anyone can make mistakes -- even mods! Stuart is doing a good job here. My brain would have gone in meltdown too considering the name in question ;-)
  14. I'm not a first timer. But I never was at YALC. This year there's an author I love and want to meet. Has anyone an idea how to get from the lfcc show floor to the yalc area? And how does it work? Do I have to buy the books to sign at YALC or can I bring my own books? Is the yalc area very crowded? Are there long queues? This YALC thing is so near to LFCC but yet so far away ;-)
  15. He's even cheaper than I remember.... What about Hayden Christensen (Anakin) AND Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine) as a Joint photoshoot?
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