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  1. Me again I just wanted to point out that Hayden will be in Britain most likely the same week for her boyfriends boxing match the same week...just wanted to let you guys know...not that you know, I'm hinting you invite her to come sign or anything
  2. It doesn't hurt to ask and be positive about it :)
  3. Yes! Would love Kate Beckinsale. And Lisa, don't worry about it the dorks on here get their panties in a twist over everything
  4. Would LOVE Arrow guests, for me Steven Amell and Caity Lotz especially. Would defiantly spruce up your guest list.
  5. Yes a charmed reunion would be awesome. Loads of people want it, listen!!! Lol
  6. Without openingly discussing her recent health issues, I think you will find Hayden a tad hard to get at this time.She's back at work now apparently. I'm sure she is worth an invite! With Heroes Reborn being a fan favourite (I cant comment I've not seen it yet) and country music growing in the UK I'm sure many people would want to meet her :)
  7. Hayden Panettiere Steven Amell Caity Lots Jensen Ackles Lindsay Lohan Andrew Lincoln Sarah Michelle Gellar (I know dream on) lol.
  8. PLEASE try and get Hayden Panettiere back this year. It'll have been 4 years since she last done one of your events and she always brings in a good crowd!! Please (begs, lol).
  9. Please ask Hayden Panettiere again, will have been four years! Such an awesome girl and brought in the crowd! Think she said something about being in London in Summer sometime anyway with Klitchko lol. Or any Arrow Cast...Steven Amell, Caity Lots, Katie Cassidy, etc.
  10. HAYDEN PANETTIERE. Get the good Heroes back 😉
  11. Lindsay Lohan :) she's really nice. And a beaut in person too.
  12. Do you think there's any chance Hayden could attend any of your events again? I remember in 2012 she drew in a good crown and I thought she was awesome. The only reason I attended at that time actually! Would be awesome to meet her again. To be honest Im not too good with these sites so I wouldn't even know if she was already attending 😂
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