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  1. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Forum Updates

    can we have an update on whats happening with these shows?
  2. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Becca tobin (glee, ncis) lauren potter (glee, Chicago med, veep) Samantha marie ware (glee, ncis, Chicago med) connor McCabe (glee, sleepy hollow) madeline bertani (ncis) mason trueblood (legends of tomorrow, glee) justin prentice (criminal minds, preacher) Jeanine Anderson (glee, true blood) harry Hamlin (clash of the titans, mad men) trilby glover (son of the mask, scream queens) Patrick cox (aquaman, the dark knight) ken jeong (the hangover, transformers) Jennifer Coolidge (American pie) Ivonne coll (the godfather, teen wolf) gary grubbs (the x files, battleship) grrrooovily please...?
  3. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Guest Suggestions

    Disney voice actors from the 80'/90's groooviily pls...? ie linda larkin gilbert gottfried jonathan freeman peter firth Jodi benson Bradley pierce
  4. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Guest Suggestions

    Disney voice actors from the 80's/90's please example linda larkin paige o'brien gilbert gottfried jonathan freeman peter firth groovily please...?
  5. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Latest Guest Announcement - VERONICA CARTWRIGHT

    cccool grrroooovy announcement!!
  6. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM SKERRITT

    ccool grrrrrooovy guest!!
  7. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Latest Guest Announcement - JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER

    cool groovy announcement
  8. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANJLI MOHINDRA

    maybe its the same SJ character
  9. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Friday 7PM dudes

    is it Sigourney Weaner GRRROOOVVY DUUUUUUUUUDDDES? Join me on the party floor and we can strike some Mooves out Duuudddes!
  10. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    kevin mchale (glee, true blood) lea michele (glee, scream queens) matthew morrison (American horror story, grey's anatomy) brian stokes Mitchell (the fresh prince of bel air) Iqbal theba (glee, transformers) scott carrot top Thompson (dennis the menace) jim j bullock (spaceballs, glee) Christopher cousins (the grudge, breaking bad) heather mazur (night of the living dead) al carabello (castle, rosewood) dan Considine (the librarians, grimm) karen Constantine (American horror story, glee) romel de silva (heathers) jacy king (star trek) michael Segovia (shooter, scandal) fred stoverink (ncis, hand of god) myko Olivier (glee, castle, miss 2059) alex mentzel (leverage, glee, grimm) grrrooovily please.....??
  11. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    eric rath (pokemon, law and order) matthew Sussman (law and order, the sopranos) Robert O'Gorman (billions, the blacklist) jay goede (pokemon, law and order) Raymond Johnson (pokemon, the bourne identity) Christopher collet (Stephen king's the langoliers) Sebastian arcelus (house of cards) emlyn Elisabeth morinelli (pokemon, house of cards) Joshua swanson (van wilder, pokemon) Christopher kromer (law and order, berserk) brian O'Halloran (clerks) Darren criss (glee, American horror story) dot-marie jones (the boondock saints, glee) jane lynch (glee, paul) would b ppreetty groovy!!
  12. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Forum Updates

    Hope we get some news on regional shows such as Cardiff soon...
  13. shakeYourGrooveThing

    Latest Guest Announcement - PHIL HERBERT

    grrrrooovy announcement!!