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  1. The website says a little different to what's on here for the star wars guersts
  2. Just bear in mind Tom Baker will only do London-based events now.
  3. Next guest announcement tomorrow night. Grroovy
  4. From my friend: A: Loads, inclluding Andy Sekis and Alex Kingston. B: 21 differnt dvd cover plus his autograph book C: Friday none Saturday a new cosplay he's been hunting down a few years Sunday medieval executioner D: Not sure Me, predominantly pre-2000 movie/tv and music/musical people like I always groovy do cosplaying a couple of 80's classics
  5. Grrroovy no, probs won't change for a Loong grrovy time.
  6. My eyes nearly fell out when I saw the exact figures for you-know-what, my friend thought only between 15,000 and 20,000 on average a day were getting it but its more than double that... I'd better suit up, multiple goggles and masks and be a snowwwwmaaaaan... Ps do u mind if I ask who these may b?
  7. I groovily should point out the Schedule is now available.
  8. Don't use the app but guessing towards bottom of ticket. Tickets without batch numbers grrovily get counted as Batch 0
  9. No. If those who did the private signing do get announced it will in a matter of time and if they're available
  10. might b worth dropping a line thru facebook as well?
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