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  1. i don't think that will put event organisators off. Like i said in Gen Chat i bet events can b done at reduced capacity
  2. On top of this it would b great to c everybody have a sense of optimism and enthusiasm towards events. Ideally I and my friend still don't want to c people claiming/predicting stuff is like 'not gonna happen'. It's just not needed any more! I think we may b getting back to a sense of normality by May
  3. Once the situation pans out more, more info will b released, but as it is its 7 months away, so no doubt it will happen but I imagine there will b condierably less people and much quieter. I would imagine SM can do more planning at 1-2 months notice once you-know-what eases
  4. Hi groovy guys, happy new year. And yes I tink its probably best to leave most planning til closer to the event, however me and my friend have been listing what we want to do this year and only buying entry ticket (and that is it!) at the most appropiate times when they have been giving us good news. Having said that, although that might b slightly jumping the gun, personally I think events can start as early as April as long as they are done at reduced capacity. Reason I say this I receive e-mails from the ATG theatres website and most of the shows r due to re-start mid-late April. I fee
  5. Noot necessarily. Anyway, is there anyway we can do to remove our posts or is it something only the mods can do?
  6. went to write something here now can't delete
  7. I underastand what ur saying, but it ain't gonna stop people from committing to events/stuff. some people r just very keen to get back on the scene once normality comes back
  8. Domnt tink anyone will know, u'll grroovilly have to wait maybe another couple months? Tis possible SM won't start re-confirming guests until things calm more
  9. as we have the groovy mike edmonds, how about david barclay & toby philpott to make a joint groovy Jabba puppeteer photoshoot?
  10. Good old Robert, tis always ggrrroovy to c him on the con scene. q-does his diamond pass include the autograph?
  11. very concise grroovy Jason and I looky forward to joining u guys for the con next year
  12. I'd like to c a small grroovy signing event. I've put this idea acroos in the main Guest Suggestteons ahrea
  13. no AckAck, I bellieeve it is against the rules to mentioon other con coompanies, it might b an idea to edit that
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