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  1. karl makinen (the walking dead, twin peaks) julian ovenden (person of interest) faran tahir (iron man, star trek, elysium) eddie bowz (nypd blue, cold case) dean norris (breaking bad, total recall, under the dome) bradford tatum (westworld, glee, criminal minds) michael trucco (battlestar galactica, swat, chicago pd) harry danner (van wilder, jag, scrubs) jim davidson (crocodile dundee, csi, bold and the beautiful) chris payne gilbert (lucifer, chicago fire) harry groener (buffy, the resident, criminal minds) elizabeth harnois (adventures
  2. We will find out if large-scale events will from here on in ask for proof of vaccination-which both me and my friend are hoping can be either COVID-passport or the vaccination cards they give you. Its groovily sounding pos it will b testing on arrivley and being asked for that.
  3. been a while armin shimmerman (star trek) harry van gorkum (mortal instruments, batman, agent cody banks) emmanuelle vaugier (saw, two and a half men, csi) ray wise (batman, robocop, jeepers creepers) mark aiken (24, csi, sarh jane) desmond askew (the hills have eyes, ncis) jenny mccarthy (scream) susan may pratt (the gift, outcast, csi) edoardo ballerini (boardwalk empire, elementary) james black (godzilla, universal soldier, lethal weapon) neil hopkins (lost) jodi lyn o'keefe (halloween, vampire diaries, lucifer) dean shelton (
  4. ooh a shiny new website... melvyn hayes david frankham ... grroovy
  5. r they not on the pre-orders site?
  6. david frankham (star trek, 101 dalmatians)-apparently he still does cons robin parkinson (allo allo, button moon) melvin hayes (summer holiday) susan hampshire susan jameson groovy
  7. plus, altho its at the back of my mind, also pointed out whom my friend is a bit concerned about is if there r delays at any of the stages, as they might impact on this. hopefully there groovilly won't b
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