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  1. Greeat groovy photos! I think my friend muddled himself with the dancers n facebook lol
  2. as requested by my grroovy friend jonathan freeman from aladdin & stephen noonan pls
  3. Might b best to check the full facebook thread on the Birmingham page there love, as I understand they are reliant on the overseas guests and that's where the main problem is
  4. My friend thought they weren't going with the current SAG guidelines but Jase groovily replied back to him they are 100% are, going on further all actors who can attend have got to say they are 100% happy to attend whilst a quite a few actors from states r reluctant to attend events some saying they will wait until situation calms a bit. so when sm r reliant on overseas guests, well...
  5. U can probs ignore that as eventbrite apparently has been sending out weird things in error over the last couple days-my friend had a 'refund' for friday which he couldn't match up
  6. Some of us r also waiting for the barcode which they introduced the other year
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