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  1. Good old Robert, tis always ggrrroovy to c him on the con scene. q-does his diamond pass include the autograph?
  2. very concise grroovy Jason and I looky forward to joining u guys for the con next year
  3. I'd like to c a small grroovy signing event. I've put this idea acroos in the main Guest Suggestteons ahrea
  4. no AckAck, I bellieeve it is against the rules to mentioon other con coompanies, it might b an idea to edit that
  5. Perssonally I deont tink this event will haappen, and maybe have the majorrity of the gueests transferred to the groovy collectormania and summmer show next yera? I'm counting de spring show out just in case.
  6. Given the current situation i was just moo-vily thinking of a grooovy small signing event somewhere, which could include a very small entry fee and no need to pay for signatures? Obs the number of famoussy's would b limited to sixie's, buuut i wonder if yoou guuys would b up for somethinggg likee this? Professional photo prices woould b upp to the photoghraphyer
  7. thought I saw somewhere the photoshoot tests were a success and that they would work. possibly on one of the facebook pages...?
  8. musical legend Hadley Fraser (also known for legend of tarzan). that would b groovy.
  9. martin clunes martin jarvis Sigourney weaver groovy
  10. just remain optimistic grrrrooovy dudes!! hopefully everything will pan out by the end of May/early June.
  11. stacy haiduk (young and the restless, prison break, ncis) andrew jackson (charmed, dark matter, rogue) paul kersey (hulk, diagnosis murder, new adventures of superman) Shannon sturges (swat, cold case. the mentalist) Geoffrey blake (the last starfighter, legends of tomorrow, grimm) keith brunsmann (new adventures of superman) michael reilly burke (mars attacks, supergirl, suits) Jason carter (Babylon 5, roots) scott macdonald (jarhead, jack frost, star trek) morgan weisser (quantum leap, the x files) matt battaglia (thor, twin peaks, Hawaii five-o) Gregory scott cummins (bosch) alastair Duncan (middle-earth, batman) Bethany joy lenz (colony, grey's anatomy, one tree hill) scott mosenson (psych, black-ish, rosewood, bones) ron Perlman (hand of god, hellboy, beauty and the beast) Anthony starke (licence to kill, MacGyver, hand of god) steve valentine (spiderma, supergirl, rosewood) kevin weisman (alias, clerks, scorpion) rainn Wilson (the office, juno, star trek) andrew james allen (the lovely bones, bones, swat, the magicians) Melinda clarke (the vampire diaries, the o.c, gotham) sean Patrick flanery (the boondock saints, saw) molly hagan (izombie, the orville) costas mandylor (saw, the last ship, ncis) any of these would b grrrrroooooooooooooooooooovy!
  12. british-based actors r probs a good shout to b getting in this time, let's think now... pavel douglas (robin of Sherwood, goldeneye) alun Armstrong (krull, the mummy) vanessa redgrave (letters to Juliet, call the midwife) Brenda blethyn (vera) peter burroughs (star wars, flash Gordon)
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