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  1. She's one of the 1's who hasn't re-confirmed yet. Let's HOPE so
  2. Only 13 names r left who r yet b reconfirmed I have grrovily posted in another topic, they are: fiona, jemma, amanda, andrew, nick, riz, aaron, clark (although clarks posted on his twitter he probs won't b able to attend), karen, sam h, emmy & the wrestlers. Everyone else has pretty much re-confirmed
  3. I know my friend would LOOOVE to meet the creators of Pokemon, and more Pokemon voice actors. He's told me he's met the voice of ash, Veronica Taylor.
  4. I think I saw mat Fraser has cancelled as well
  5. Definitely yes. My friend backtracked the other day to confirm who has deffo re-confirmed, there's only 17 ppl who haven't reconfirmed yet.
  6. Hopefully soon AckAck, the main website hasn't been updated with a new Hitchikers guest who'd been announced last week
  7. Hi groovy Matt, my friend had a refund voucher which totalled 513 when it should have bn 65 i believe he said, but he had a lot of peopl he initially wanted refund vouchers for, and although he has enquired he has done his math and the remaining ppl he was needing vouchies for seems to add up to the value in the vou. So, maybe, depending on how many refunds you've asked for (even if you haven't received more gift vouchers you think you should have got), do the math and c if it adds up to c if it includes everything you've asked for. If it adds up to stuff u haven't asked for, u may have to re-buy a lot. On another note, u haven't received an e-mail saying u've purchased activity tickets but haven't bought an entry ticket? Sm did that to him and he had to say he still has an entry ticket although there was a problem buying/re-buying tickets via eventbrite a couple weeks back and he had to buy some via paypal which may have confused them.
  8. And mosco, best to e-mail the shop/office team
  9. Juust worked it out, the following who haven't re-confirmed yet and still waiting to hear from: jemma, jeff d, fiona, amanda, andrew r, nick, riz, aaron, clark, janet, karen, danielle, sam, emmy, steven m and the wrestlers pj/cinta
  10. At the moment yes but can't remember when Sm re-confirmed tem
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