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  1. Showmasters, please consider emailing anybody who purchased a Pamela shot (especially Fridays) and offer them the option to get the digital download because the prints on the day were obviously about 3 notches brighter than the digital file
  2. What about Wil Wheaton?

    It was great to finally meet Wil and also seeing him with big friendly smiles in photoshoot pictures!
  3. I thought having 4 photo areas quite close was a good idea, but maybe space C&D 15 feet further along that back wall, and then queue D along the wall itself. This would help with the congested area between them all a bit better. The SOA bike shoot looked awful. Just buy one of those off-white backdrops that rolls down and onto the floor. Would have looked infinitely better having uniform colour rather than crappy grey floor and cheap and tacky backing dividers as your backdrop. Photo Area D - Red Shirt. When queuing for Rosie Jane she was telling the blue shirt to 'push' people forward. WTF is that about, telling crew to manhandle and shove attendees? . The experience is supposed to be enjoyable
  4. Pamela Anderson

    The prints looked a bit lighter than what the digital version flashing up on the laptop was showing.... but still, that ring light was giving customers bad blowout on nearly every shot.
  5. Always afraid to check the forum in the week leading up to LFCC
  6. Guest Cancellation - Joseph Marcell

    Enough Already
  7. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    If it's Mads, then Showmasters Twitter operator didn't learn from his previous anti-climatic 'build-up' If it's not, then congrats, he has learnt the art of the 7-clue bluff!
  8. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    He's having lunch with Peter Capaldi, Jason Mewes and Linda Blair that weekend
  9. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    Disgraceful from Showmasters to keep announcing big guests when we have no money left
  10. Guest Cancellation - INDIRA VARMA

    You always except about a 10% cancellation rate at big events like this and with 100+ guests, it's unfortunately the nature of attending cons. The LFCC cancelled guest lineup is always a great lineup of 'almost mets'
  11. It's a crazy amount of batches + Diamonds + retakes. You'll need to tell him he's in a remake of A Clockwork Orange and strap him down to make sure you get through them all!
  12. Huge Guest Announcement- Friday - 7pm

    David, as a representative of showmasters, it's inappropriate to be insulting celebrities (let alone elected Presidents) by calling them a dick. Please leave derogatory insults to your own twitter. Part of a moderator's job is surely to set an example and stop insults, not be an instigator of them. As for the guest, God L'Eponge guess is as good as any.
  13. Huge Guest Announcement- Friday - 7pm

    Chuck Norris.
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - ALICIA WITT

    £15 is a very good price, well done Showmasters. I will definitely add her to my never-ending list...
  15. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    As you go into the event hall (queuing looks to be inside) Photo area A is at the top right (back) of hall. Photo area B is middle Left side about a minute walk... Most guests are down the right hand side of the hall so close to Photo A.