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  1. So what will happen with the Steven Straight photoshoot I already bought for Friday?
  2. Since I pointed out a bug in the Friday photoshoot for Wes, I see both Wes and Steven's shoots vanished from the store for Friday. Are they still doing that day?
  3. Photoshoots

    Whilst the moment you have with a celebrity is fleeting, sometimes a few seconds, you do get the opportunity to see the celebrity taking photos with other fans, usually 10-20 in front of you - it's always nice seeing how happy other fans are when they are getting their photos.

    There's a bug in your online store for Friday Photos https://imgur.com/a/0jfEVQR It's including Danny Shorago in the batch area as shown above.
  5. Nico for me. I enjoyed his performance in hard target too, where he gave great depth and humility to what was a very difficult role...that of playing the Invisible Man.
  6. Guest Suggestions

    I still support this, but it's a shame it never grew into a bigger event. It is what it is - a small convention with mainly repeat guests. Just a shame a city like Glasgow has never had a convention with a big lineup, like 40 quality guests...
  7. Photo quality saturday

    Unfortunately some B shots were a bit overexposed. I think it’s both crew and attendees initiative to help each other, as if we spot obvious exposure issues I’m sure the photographer would adjust levels to try to give us better photos...there could also be some printers which need head cleaning or general maintenance
  8. I'd advise buying Toby's photo op now as after Lost in Space is out, I'm sure he'll sell out before the event. A great actor in Black Sails...please Showmasters also try to get Anna Louise Plowman too
  9. I only recently rewatched Eccleston's 13 episodes and he was a far better Doctor than the impression I was left with back in 2005... I am thoroughly delighted Showmasters have got him to attend what is shaping up to be THE event to attend in 2018. Just looking at the current lineup and with just under 4 months of mouth-watering announcements still to come, this may well be a convention that is remembered for decades to come!
  10. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Odds: Christopher Eccleston 4/6 Ralph Fiennes 3/1 Ian McKellen 5/1 Rowan Atkinson 8/1 Timothy Dalton 10/1
  11. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    A few months ago Eccleston said this: "I've never done conventions. I know there's a lot of money there, but I've always wanted to just earn my living by acting, and that's not a judgement on people who do them...it's just the way I am....I've avoided them so far, but who knows!"
  12. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Sometimes an actor changes their mind and realises that doing an event like this as a once off is a way of helping the fans who have never gotten a chance of completing their collection...but also as a way of enhancing their reputation. I'd love it to be Eccleston actually... I have never fully understood an actor's reluctance to do an event like this. It's a massively beneficial and positive experience. You are being paid handsomely for a day to be GUSHED over, thanked and to make hundreds of dedicated fans immensely happy by giving them a lifelong memory of meeting their idol...
  13. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    I just had a dream...
  14. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    It’s always best to reign in expectations a little...Harrison Ford is arguably the biggest box office star of the last 40 years. If Capaldi is humongous then Ford would be Earth Shattering.
  15. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    It's a curve ball. We're all expecting Harrison Ford, and we're gonna end up with a Hologram of Peter Cushing signing with an autopen