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  1. Aaaah ok! I didn't understand why people said we waited in the panel room because we waited down the stairs too! And this is why I was late for VQ tickets. Now it make sense thanks
  2. They did it on friday and Saturday perfectly. Each day a very effective blue shirt girl (not the same friday and Saturday) was cheking who sat on the firsts rows (thanks a lot to them they did an amazing job) But apparently they decided to change this on sunday that is why I am telling it here ;-) I understand the autograph issue, but it is really complicated for them to do it differently and last years it still helped me a lot to have a gold pass but I know if I really want an autograph I buy the diamond. I always find a way to use my 10 pound guest but a little r
  3. You waited in the panel room before it opens? On sat we were there at 8.45 am so we waited just on the bottom of the stairs so time to go up even with the 5 minutes we arrived late on the top. It was ok for us because we wanted only one VQ ticket. For the panel, not me but an other gold told me a red shirt said there is no priority seating for gold in free talks. And for the queue outside also a red shirt saying gold should queue with everyone else. I found blue shirts I met well informed (but I only did autographs on friday except one so it wasn't busy and didn't need a gold pass to queu
  4. Hi! I am a gold pass for 5 years at LFCC and I always noticed that you take care of our feedback so I am starting this post. - No comment on photo or auto on my side it was as usual. - A big remark for the entrance : I thought it was a great idea to make us go in H so you can see us entering and we were directly in the guest area. BUT it could be managed better : Before entering the building (so before security check) some crew members told gold to go in the huge queue outside because they need to queue like everyone else. Gold always had a separate
  5. The worst was the information issue. When I got the goody bag ticket I was told to go to the sales desk. At the sales desk they sent me to regular entrance. At regular entrance they sent me to the merchandise official. Then finally on the info desk I was told that the goodies bags doesn't exist... We loose things little by little every year... Now there is no paid talk except the diamond ones so we loose the interest of going to any talk we want. And I talk to some golds that weren't able to queue for regular guest because the line was to long. And it was friday. At
  6. Thanks! So I got blind this week-end didn't saw it at all...
  7. Hi, Are the date 100% sure? I didn't saw them elsewhere but maybe I didn't look in the right place
  8. Of course if people are not respectful this doesn't work... I was ok this year because I took 4 diamond passes knowing that my gold might not be enough and I use my gold mostly for photos and staff at the photo take really good care of gold so it is still worth it!
  9. I think it will be great if we queue same entrance as GA, because the diamond pass is also there so we have to get in and out to get them. And I think it will solve the issue of getting in before GA if they see us in the same entrance they can give us our 5 min so we can get our VQT (because gold pass is useless for diamond pass autographs and now there is so many diamond guests if we don't enter first the autograph part of gold is almost useless) We will see next year!
  10. Sorry... I hoped I didn't have to get in and out and in this year... Diamond pass are complicated for gold because we don't have the same entrance. I cross finger for all my prints in one time. Thanks for answering so fast, I have a bad connexion in england and I didn't read all the topic because I thought I'll have the prints with the diamond pass.
  11. Hi! I got my diamond and gold passes but not the exclusive print for the diamond. Will it be like last year for the print, meaning we have to go out of the hall to go to the diamond collection (which was opposite of gold entrance and had to queue to get back inside), or the prints are somewhere else? Thanks for the answer
  12. I loved the goody bag this year thought it was amazing!
  13. Thanks a lot for this tread! I didn't know... I only bought 2 for the big exclusive photo I has signed which was included in gold pass. I get confuse in those website where can I find protection for them? I think they are 13x18 or something like that
  14. Thanks for doing one topic, I know you cant do immediate actions but if it is better tomorrow will be good And no that lady FORCED me into the queue and refuses to listen and to care that I was a gold coming from inside to the diamond desk
  15. I am writing this because I am strongly disappointed with my gold pass. It is the third time I had one and it use to give us real priority. This morning even running on first floor hundred of regular passes where already there because their entrance is closer and they already pass security before so when gold pass reach first floor it is already full. So even running my famke number is 260, and my friend got 360 for jack and 260 for jeremy After that I went to the diamond pass desk for the 4th time, they didnt have jeremy exclusive photo on thursday and jack wasnt printed till to
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