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  1. how did i miss this? where was it? and what sort of stuff did they have
  2. i assume tom wilson was displayed with docs tombstone as he shot him...makes sense to use a prop twice too save money
  3. we waited till 4.15 lol. Which by then she was over an hour and 15 mins late for the session. Crew member we spoke too said she had probably gone home lol. Oh well lesson learnt is she was the diva of the day lol
  4. I'm curious did she come back out after her talk Sunday? We was waiting forever for her auto but end up leaving as it was too much for the kids
  5. i agree diamonds it was fab, everyone else not so much! gold pass got me to the back of every single queue apart from tom who they took us too the photo table for. Kevin smith we was waiting for ever even with a diamond.
  6. Golds today was fine, we got in early, got thru bag check, got upstairs before GA. GA were close behind. If Golds had bag check outside befor entry we would have had more of a lead on GA
  7. Finally meeting biff! He was missing from our collection of autos. We were so worried about meeting him as had heard stories before about how he didn't like to sign bttf stuff et.mc but he was awesome. Full of energy and laugh, he was dabbing away with the kids, and strangling one too. The right kind of flirty (not at all creepy). He encouraged us to film his interactions with the kids which was fab. He def went above and beyond. Oh and he remembered most of our names (got mine wrong but remembered the other three) and took plenty of time too talk at the shoots as well as the auto.
  8. Oh good lord right. I will admit we splurged a tad lol Kevin smith diamond x4 = 524 Alyson hannigan diamond x 4 = 784 Gold pass x 4 1044 Christopher Lloyd diamond x4=564 tom Wilson diamond x 4= 624 pamela diamond x2= 262 dean cain photo x 2=62 Steven yeun diamond x4 = 524 hotel 2 rooms 521 grand total of...oh poo..... £4647....don't tell the husband
  9. Chris Lloyd photo and auto tom wilson photo and auto alyson hannigan auto and photo pam Anderson photo steven yeun photo and auto dean cain photo kevin smith auto and photo
  10. http://<img src='https://i.imgur.com/qaU5n3E.jpg' />
  11. http://<img src='https://i.imgur.com/qaU5n3E.jpg' />
  12. Had my photo shoot but every time I went for an auto he wasn't signing, gone for a wee etc. Shame as I was vq 9
  13. What a lovely lady she is, and she looked gorgeous. She signed my flute and then joked for ages about how many fond memories she had with it at band camp ;-), she dabbed with my kids in there photos as well
  14. I'm not sure, my son spent 3 hours just waiting on her today, with a diamond pass and only came away with a photo no talk and no auto
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