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  1. I met him after his theatre performace of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and he's quite slow at actually doing his signature, puts a lot of care into doing it. He might be faster sat down who knows
  2. Thank you Raylenth. Do you think Showmasters will help? I'm wondering how similar situations like this have been dealt with in the past
  3. I've just ordered an Alyson Hannigan photo session for Saturday and I chose batch 9. When my email came through it says Sunday batch 5! I'm not attending Sunday so this is an issue for me! What does Showmasters do in this situation? Can they change the day on my order? Do they issue a refund so I can re-select the correct day? I'm panicking a little if I'm honest! I don't know what happened I chose batch 9 for Saturday and batch 9 isn't even available on Sunday so I'm well and truly stumped! Surly I can't be punished for a computing error on the store can I? Thanks
  4. Brave, I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Wilson Fisk
  5. Wow that's a lot of awesome pics!!! Thanks man! Very kind of you to say!
  6. Too many photos to add here so here is a link to my album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153538223306601.1073741867.706741600&type=1&l=9f73dc5d9c
  7. To be fair she was probably the least fan friendly guest I've ever met in all the years I've been doing cons. She was a bit better at her autograph desk but I still felt awkward (probably the photo shoot was in the back of my mind). Had she smiled during my photo I would've been happy with it, but she didn't so I wasn't. I feel sorry for the people who had a big gap in between for their photos. I don't mind the no touching rule as long as I minimise the gap to make it less awkward. And as you can see I had no idea what to do with my arms to just put my hands in my back pockets ha!
  8. I think he's too high profile Some could say that about Micheal J Fox and Sigourney Weaver last year but they turned up :)
  9. I think it could be Robert Downey Jr. He has a bacon number of 2 and would fit in nicely for a double shoot with Hawkeye!
  10. And that's like the 3 cancellation in the last week or so for me
  11. Ah man this sucks! Was really looking forward to meeting her. Hopefully another time
  12. This is probably a stupid question but is it the actual Iron Throne from the show or a replica?
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