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  1. grantweiler

    Lee Majors

    I always get nervous meeting childhood heroes but Lee was lovely. He liked my red jacket (part of my 4th Doctor Who cosplay) and in the photoshoot he said hello again Grant. Really flattered he remembered me and its put me in the mood to watch my 6 Million Dollar Man boxset again. Thank you so much for getting him. Meeting Lee really meant a lot.
  2. What a fascinating man. Very lovely to talk to at his autograph table and very keen to do poses in his photoshoot including with Doctor Who props. He also (I hope) seemed to enjoy himself so I really hope this isn't a one time only as he was an absolute joy to meet and the first Doctor in a while I've got nervous (and a little starstruck) at meeting. Simply Fantastic (sorry had to say it).
  3. grantweiler

    Latest Guest Announcement - JEWEL STAITE

    Was blown away at how beautiful she looked. Thought she was lovely in Stargaze Atlantis but in real life...wow
  4. grantweiler

    Latest Guest Announcement - PETER CAPALDI

    Is that the merchandise stall?
  5. grantweiler

    Latest Guest Announcement - PETER CAPALDI

    Where do you pick up his diamond pass mug?
  6. grantweiler

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Ah good to know. Got a photo with Isaac from Game of Thrones batch 1 so can head over after that. Thanks.
  7. grantweiler

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Yeah I didn't notice the talk day being specifically mentioned. Doubly annoying as I'm there Sunday too and if I had seen it I'd have chose Sunday for his pass day. Oh well, one less clash on Saturday I guess
  8. grantweiler

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    Feeling a bit ripped off having a Peter Capaldi Diamond Pass for Saturday and he's only doing a Sunday talk
  9. grantweiler

    Latest Guest Announcement - KATY MANNING

    Met Katy 5 years ago at Collector mania Milton Keynes. Very lovely lady and this guest announcement has definitely convinced me to come.
  10. grantweiler

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHLOE ANNETT

    Ooh didn't see that coming and a Dwarfer I've still to meet. Nice one SM. This is the kind of guest I would have come for even if no one else coming had appealed to me.
  11. Met him before and am also a victim of the tickling lol. Very lovely man. Had a chat about Sliders and if he still hears from the cast (which he does). I agree very very lovely man
  12. grantweiler

    Matt Lucas Appreciation

    He was really lovely. Had a great chat with him about Doctor Who and I think he might have dropped a subtle spoiler. He also could have just been winding me up too though lol.
  13. grantweiler

    William Regal Appreciation Thread

    He was lovely. We were pulling silly faces in our photoshoot. Really nice guy who was totally up for a laugh and a gentleman who was a pleasure to meet.
  14. Watch out he tickles in photo shoots. Seriously lovely man.
  15. grantweiler

    Latest Guest Announcement - MARK SHEPPARD

    My favourite X Files villain. Loved Fire. So going for a photo