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  1. homerj

    RIP Stan Lee

    Such sad news. A real gentleman. We were so fortunate to meet him in London a few years ago and even though we only meant him for a short time it was so memorable. He was an inspiration. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. R.I.P. Stan Lee
  2. homerj

    Pre Orders

    I'm not on Facebook or Twitter so am a bit stuck there. I'm going to try emailing again .
  3. homerj

    Pre Orders

    Getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of replies to emails. any ideas?
  4. homerj

    Pre Orders

    I'm sure its been over 10 days since the event now - I just wish emails would be answered.
  5. homerj

    Pre Orders

    An update would be great as I haven't had reply back yet on emails.
  6. I'm a bit shocked by this! I have used the pre order system in the past and continue to do so - my biggest issue with them is the lack of answers to emails. I have been trying since beginning of October - not nearly as long as you have. Hope you get your items soon and it all gets sorted.
  7. homerj

    Films watched in 2018

    First Man - good film, worth watching but very slow and about half an hour too long.
  8. I have to say how great the event was. 12 autos and photo shoots. Guests were great. Vernon D was such a lovely guy and took real interest in what you had to say. All in all an excellent, calm event. Looking forward to the next one in March.
  9. homerj

    Jacqueline Pearce

    What a beautiful and lovely lady. Met her in Both Cardiff and Swansea within the last three years. Excellent with fans and nice to all. RIP
  10. homerj

    Doctor ranking

    1. Tom Baker 2. David Tennant 3. Peter Davison 4. Christopher Eccleston 5. Peter Capaldi 6. Paul McGann 7. Jon Pertwee 8. Colin Baker 9. Sylvester McCoy 10. Patrick Troughton 11. John Hurt 12. William Hartnell 13. Matt Smith
  11. homerj

    Films watched in 2018

    Antman and the Wasp - great film, good story - cant wait for the next one The Festival - very funny but cringy in parts - fun! Hotel Transylvania 3 - good, fun film The Meg - good film with questionable acting and story line. The Darkest Minds - great, enjoyable film. Good acting and not a bad story either.
  12. homerj

    Pre orders?

    Has anyone received theirs yet?
  13. Could we have confirmation on the correct days please. Website and forum says Saturday but Eventbright has them down for Sunday. Thanks
  14. homerj

    Guest suggestions.

    Excellent guests for this event - its a shame they aren't invited to normal events such as Cardiff, London, Collectormania etc.
  15. homerj

    Pre orders?

    A shame that Janine Andrews wasn't added to the pre order list as I wouldn't have minded o0rdering an autograph for her. I did contact the site but no reply.