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  1. Lovely lady and a pleasure to meet.
  2. Just met him - what a lovely man. Excellent to talk to and lots of stories told.
  3. homerj

    General Chat

    I've had photos with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 , 11, 12, John Hurt and David Bradley - Only Jodie to go.
  4. homerj

    General Chat

    Strange - for me I would say its Jodie that is being let down by the scripts - the three companions are excellent particularly Bradley Walsh. Jodie had three good stories - the rest were not so good.
  5. homerj

    LFCC Pre-order = arrived!

    Have to say, we are still waiting for a reply about an issue as well.
  6. homerj

    Beckett Authentication

    So what is the benefit of having them authenticate something? Most of mine are from reputable dealers with COAs bought at Showmasters events or Ive been there in person.
  7. Cant seem to find photoshoots on eventbright
  8. homerj

    pre Order Refunds

    My brother received a reply a day ago - just waiting on one refund now.
  9. Paul Blake Sean Biggerstaff Sue Hodge Arthur Bostram
  10. homerj

    pre Order Refunds

    Brother is still waiting on a reply after sending numerous messages over three weeks. Yes he has spoken to his bank who say no refunds have been issued.
  11. homerj

    Beckett Authentication

    Thanks that would be great.
  12. homerj

    pre Order Refunds

    Thanks. Its for my brother so I will get him to email jason now.
  13. Has anyone received refunds for cancelled guests yet from Pre Orders?
  14. homerj

    Beckett Authentication

    Has anyone used them? Any idea on prices? Is the sticker placed on the front or back of autograph? Thanks