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  1. Unfortunately, you probably wont be refunded for the pre order until well after the event itself.
  2. Sold Out warnings

    Thanks all. i managed to purchase a Peter Capaldi Diamond Pass last night. Thanks Queen Sindel. However, to the person who said that messages of short supply had been placed on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I am not on any type of social media at all so wouldn't have seen the messages.
  3. I thought warnings would be put up if someone was selling out - just been to buy a Peter Capaldi Diamond and they've all gone?!?
  4. I agree - I had a diamond for John Cleese last year and didn't meet him until 4.30. They had to cut the queue and say diamonds only. I remember a few years ago meeting Ian McDiamond and being behind someone with 50 items. He went through them quickly but then the dealer (im presuming he was anyway) wanted a chat!
  5. It seems that all the pre order spaces for the Multi storey have sold out. Has anyone used the Mono rail P4 car park? This is the only one that seems available for the Saturday at the moment?
  6. Hoping someone can help here. Is there a limit of 5 autos for Diamond Pass guests? the reason I ask is I don't want to be in a position like last year, when queuing for Terrance Stamp - The person in front of me had 25 autographs on various things which took ages and I was told 3 was the limit.
  7. Gold Pass £10 Autograph Vouchers

    Actually there was one year when we were allowed to use the vouchers for a more expensive autograph - the last year we has photoshoot vouchers for £10 instead of the talk vouchers which I never have time to use . I really like the idea of a Gold pass feedback survey
  8. Pre orders

    Looking at the way Eventbright works with refunds, it just got me thinking about the viability of doing something similar with pre orders? Eventbright refunds straight away - I think more people would use the pre ordering service if refunds were given as soon as the guests cancelled and not after the event. What do others think?
  9. Pre orders

    I received most of it but was two items short. I have contacted but still not received answer or items.
  10. Pre orders

    Has anyone received their pre orders yet?
  11. Is there anyway of a friend of mine collecting the pass for me on the Thursday?
  12. I notice they are sold out but there was no warning. Does that mean that more will be put on sale?
  13. All in all a great day, had all 5 autos I went for and 14 photoshoots. Michelle Ryans shoot was a bit late but managed to get there just about. Ive just been on the Facebook page and read the many complaints about the show and I have to say most of these complaints are attendees faults and not the company. Other attendees pushing each other out of the way, jumping queues, fighting over VQ tickets. I read one that complained he couldn't get a guests auto after turning up at 11. Those of us veterans know that if you really want to meet someone then get there early. Another favourite was someone complaining because he couldn't have a chat with the guests at the desk - come on! If we all did that, there would be complaints. Like I said - a large percentage of people had a great time. I agree there was an issue over batch numbers for photos and this was sorted straight away after it was pointed out to them.
  14. Photo quality saturday

    Photos were fine. Batch issue was sorted out after it had been pointed out so no complaints really