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  1. homerj

    Photoshoot areas?

    That's what I was afraid of. If I was to go, my photo shoots would be in all areas. I'd spend my time running back and for all over the place. Hopefully they will be on the same floor at least
  2. Will all the photoshoots be in the same area?
  3. homerj

    Pre orders

    We have yes. And all sorted or in the process. Thanks for your help.
  4. homerj

    Pre orders

    Thanks queen. We await his reply to sort out refunds and missing items.
  5. homerj

    Pre orders

    Has anyone had their pre orders yet?
  6. homerj

    Pre orders

    Thanks queen sindel. We await his reply
  7. homerj

    Pre orders

    Thanks Queen - still no reply, no refunds or exchanges and very frustrated
  8. Messages don't seem to be being answered unfortunately : (
  9. homerj

    Pre orders

    Hi Queen Sindel My brother had a reply on Thursday - nothing since, no refunds or answers to his queries.
  10. Lovely venue Crew and guests are brilliant. Especially Chris Fairbanks who is a star! Only two downsides. Waiting around now till 3.30 for photo shoots. Also very disappointed with the stalls. Money to spend and nothing to spend it on.
  11. homerj

    Pre orders

  12. Nice thanks - photos seem very late though. Looking forward
  13. homerj

    Luke Perry R.I.P.

    Very sad news. Luke Perry sadly passed away today. Riverdale will never be the same again. Thoughts and condolences go out to his family friends - very sad loss indeed.
  14. homerj

    Pre orders

    Hi Queen - my brother asked me to email. His order numbers are 15899572 and 16293533
  15. homerj

    Pre orders

    I'm emailing for him . I'll ask him tonight.