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  1. Guest Days & Prices Cardiff 2018

    Hope this site event hasn't been forgotten - its been a while since a guest announcement has been made here
  2. Films watched in 2018

    The Darkest Hour - fabulous film, excellent performance by Gary Oldman Roman J Israel - excellent performance by Denzil Washington, film was really hard going and slow. Unforgetable - should have been called forgettable!
  3. Films watched in 2018

    All the Money in the World - Christopher Plummer is brilliant. Great film. Hostiles - excellent acting but a little too long. Baby Driver - How did I miss this in the cinema? Cracking film, money well spent.
  4. Films watched in 2018

    Molly's Game - Excellent acting. Chastain shines, however, half an hour too long. The Greatest Showman (3 times) - excellent film. Hugh Jackman and Keala Settle are superb. Surely Oscars for Score and song.
  5. That's four orders back and one to go
  6. Still waiting. It is a worry when I can order from USA and those can arrive before autos ordered from this country.
  7. Does anyone have another email address I can send to - ive already tried two over the last three weeks with no reply.
  8. Very frustrated now and on the verge of asking for a refund.
  9. The lack of replies to emails is getting very frustrating.
  10. I had a reply yesterday. Pre orders from Cardiff should already be with you. LFACC have all gone but there is a back log from Glasgow, Sheffield and Amsterdam. From now on all local shows will be sent within 5 days. Im giving the service another chance.
  11. A lovely, lovely lady. Everyone should meet her.
  12. Really nice bloke - shame there was no professional photo.
  13. Guest Suggestions

    Maureen o Brien Daphne Ashbrook Pearl Mackie Peter Capaldi