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    Remember, Nate, you still have that restraining order from last time you told someone to do that.
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    I suspect it's this kind of date:
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    Happy birthday from me too! Could you please take some photos of your posters you have signed? I don't know about others, but I would love to see what you've collected so far and how do they actually look. Could you?
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    Late to the party, but... From a sheer logistical point of view, someone signing their name only (for instance) can take 2 seconds. It's a practiced art. They've done it hundreds if not thousands of times in their life and the pen just flows. Writing an unfamiliar name can take another 30 seconds, more if there's an unusual spelling or if they make a mistake and have to start again. Every personalisation can mean that 2 attendees don't get to meet the guest (long time crew here, I'm talking from actual experience). Now, I do *completely* agree that personalisation is awesome. I've got many over the years made out to me and it does add that extra something, but at the end of the day I also appreciate that there's more than just me wanting to meet the guest. As I've said before, if you had ticket number 900, you'd be glad there are no personalisations in place today... Just another side to the discussion, no offence or pointed jabs meant at anyone.
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    For Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter fans: today is David Bradley's birthday! Can't wait to meet him this July
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    100 DAYS TO LFCC!!!!
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    This is my poster for Doctor Who companions (and main people from the Torchwood team and the kids from the Sarah Jane Adventures gang). From the new series of Doctor Who it's signed by Billie, Noel, Catherine, Jenna, Arthur, Pearl, Bernard. I have met Karen Gillan and John Barrowman but that was before I started this poster. Would really love to meet them again as well as Freema and Alex. It's signed by every (alive) Classic DW companion apart from Jackie Lane and Yee Jee Tso.
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    My guest wish list: Amanda Tapping Claudia Black Richard Dean Anderson Morena Baccarin Sean Astin Sir Patrick Stewart Felicia Day There's no doubt more but these are some of the people that quickly come to mind
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    True, that is what I really like about my job. I always work seven days in a row then off five. Then it starts over again.
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    I thought we were not supposed to talk about that, because of.. *whispers* cardboard Natalie.
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    Seriously, that is the wrong decision. I'm like you and I don't like things that aren't finished, but Firefly is the exception to that as it is just so great. It's basically Han Solo the series.
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    Yes! Cant wait to meet this amazing actor, happy birthday David Bradley. One mean man in Game of Thrones but a true cat lover in Harry Potter.
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    I’ve already done that twice this week.
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    Ahaha aaanyone! Anyone! I need some excitement in my boring life.
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    @Chris1970 I'm now imagining you going up to him with notes written on your palm "I really loved-" *reads* "-that firebug show. And your character-" *reads* "Hal was great. Thought all the characters living on the ship-" *reads* "Serengeti were awesome" x
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    Last minute trip to Belfast for SM Belfast con?
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    @Sam_Carter96 These posters are awesome congratulations on getting all these autographs! Your Doctor Who posters are making me especially jealous!
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    When your boss tells you you’ve got most of the week off work next week... #Anotherholiday
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    Indeed! But looking forward to the trip
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    Daisy Ridley Adam Driver Kelly Marie Tran Felicity Jones Ingvild Delia Paul Bettany Evanna Lynch Warwick Davis Jason Isaacs Ciarán Hinds Natalia Tena
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    I have just got home so have done 3 adult jobs: Watered the garden (And no bear, I didn't pee on it or anything like that) Put the washing on Got my summer shoes down from the loft. My life if a rip roaring ride of excitement. I'm going to have a sandwich then think about going to bed early
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    Oh the horrors that poor thing must have been through.
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    This is exactly what happened with my Dad. It took me 10 years to get him to watch it and when he did he asked my why I hadn't made him watch it sooner! He's a bigger fan than I am these days!
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    Damn it! You made me laugh! "I'm a little teapot.."
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    Birthday month buddies!! And happy birthday @Sam_Carter96! A very good list! Hope SM will grant you at least one of them!
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    Thank you! I met Karen twice in 2012 but I hadn’t started my companion poster at that point (same with John Barrowman). It’s now signed by Billie, Catherine, Jenna, Arthur etc and all but 2 of the classic companions but I still haven’t had the opportunity to meet Karen and John again. She’s also in Marvel now as well so would need to sign that poster too.
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    I watched Terra Nova it did have potential but didn't deliver for me. Firefly is WAY better. And I loved Serenity (the film) too. (just on a side note, although both these series were cancelled after one season and are sci fi, there's no real point in comparing them as they are very different from each other)
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    Except Firefly was good. Me too, except one part which I like to pretend never happened.
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    Then it'll be worse next February, Chris!
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    Happy Birthday @Sam_Carter96
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    Why do I have to be the boring one, why can't I be River? Unless I went as young Simon when he looked suspiciously like Zac Efron...
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    I just watched Fear the Walking Dead 4x01, and damn! Maggie Grace is so cool in it. Can we bring her? With a duo photoshoot with her Lost brother Ian Somerhalder? Pretty please?
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    Has anyone else checked out the new episode of Fear The Walking Dead? Maggie Grace is a fantastic addition to the show. She’d be a great guest to have with Ian. Also just seen that Ian has been cast as the main character in a new Netflix series.
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    @Chris1970 I do have to live up to my name as the nutter droid after all!
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    Busy going through the schedules planning out the weekend
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    Then we'd miss the excitement of all the guest announcements still to be made :) Speaking of which, we're totally due one
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    And Doctor Horrible.
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    I have met Brent recently and he is super nice. Always spends a few minutes talking to each fan.
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    i second all of these, as does Mark Sheppard!
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    You're not tipping SM. The extra is covering the guarantee to get your autograph. Other than that Raylenth has already summed things up perfectly. Pre-orders will not guarantee you the personalisation either, you will be refunded the fee if no personalisation is in place. A lot of collectors want to see their item signed in front of them, like Raylenth has said. You normally get some interaction then, and to some it is worth money/effort. I pretty much spent the whole night in front of Earls Court when Patrick Stewart appeared for the first time. I knew people would start running and I am not that fast. I did manage to get a decent number, got in line fast (partly yes, because he wasn't personalising) and had all but 30 seconds with him. But I still came out of line beaming "Patrick Stewart talked to me."
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    Kono <3 I think I can sort some cash out for her as I love her in H50
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