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  1. Peter Weller

    He came to an event yeeears ago. I don't want to be bursting bubbles, but meeting him was really not a pleasant experience, put me off him for life. Would not recommend looking forward to meeting him no matter whether he's announced for a Showmasters event or elsewhere.
  2. Jim Ross

    Good ol' JR! Just released his autobiography, book signing tour booked, would surely have reasons for wanting to attend... :)
  3. Gina Torres

    Would be incredible... Not sure I can see it happening though
  4. Uh... I'm not going to take part in the "poll", but I will say that it'd be really awesome to get Lea back for any event, not just necessarily London.
  5. Freakin' awesome guest, instantly at the top of my list to meet at London :)
  6. Legitimately happy with this announcement, such a lovely lovely fella :)
  7. Believe me, I'm a 40 year old fella and cried when I met Dean Cain (not particularly my proudest moment I have to admit...) In all seriousness though, speaking as a crew member who often directs the queueing, I would attempt to ask anyone not actively getting an autograph to stand slightly to one side (only by a couple of feet), just enough to be able to guage how many people are in the queue, who is there for the autograph, who is accompanying or just there to take a photo whilst the guest signs. It will be fine :)
  8. Vicky McClure

    Coming off the heels of another outstanding perfomance in the latest season of Line of Duty (no spoilers please!), how about Vicky McClure? Loved her in This is England too, and she always comes across brilliantly in interviews.
  9. Bruce Prichard...

    Just because I love you, doesn't mean I like you... How about showing some brotherly loooooooooooooooooooove to Bruce Prichard aka Brother Love? I listen to his podcast and he has some incredible stories about his time with WWE and TNA. Who's in? :)
  10. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. That is all :)
  11. Forest Whittaker?

    I know he was Saw Guerra and everything, but the man is an absolute legend - just look at his IMDB Credits... Please? :)
  12. Moar Firefly please! :)

    Absolutely anyone! All the big damn heroes, even the mudders of Canton and let's not leave out Badger... Nathan Fillion Alan Tudyk Gina Torres Adam Baldwin Jewell Staite Morena Baccarin Sean Maher Summer Glau Christina Hendricks Mark Sheppard Richard Brooks Gregory Itzin Chiwetel Ejiofor Any of 'em! Please and thank you and you stay gorram shiny :)
  13. Clive Barker!

    Been reflecting on the Hellraiser guests in Cardiff last weekend and realised how many of Clive Barker's books / comics / TV Shows I've enjoyed over the years. Any chance please? :)
  14. Thank you to SM Crew.

    The Redshirt was Dawn who organised it all - and though I was only the tiniest part of the whole thing (Oliver Smith's guest assistant), I'm glad we could organise it for you... Thought I recognised you!