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  1. Fingers crossed for a TNG photo shoot, either way look forward to the talk. Just hope my ear drums will be ok after he walks onto the stage as the audience is no doubt gonna erupt, it'll certainly be something I'll remember for along time that's for sure
  2. Just seen that John de Lancie will be in the country a month before DST and would be a nice addition to this years line up
  3. So first off just wanna say that this weekend didn't really cost us much as received our weekend tickets and accomadation as last year's Xmas present off a member of our family. It was our first time attending Sheffields con, previously attended Showmasters LFCC and DST events but knew from what previous attendees had said it'd be a much smaller convention so knew that before going. Had planned on meeting Alice Kreig before she cancelled which ofcourse I know isn't the organisers fault so wasn't too disappointed especially with this weekend being a bonus with it being a gift in terms of the cons we've attended this year. Must admit we were disappointed however at how small it was, now as I said I knew it'd be smaller before we went but was still quite shocked when we arrived as we was in and out within 30mins when we usually spend full days even weekends at other events. It's a shame as feel with its location not only in terms of where the city is located in England but it's distance from the train station it could be alot bigger than what it is. On the upside staff were nice and some of the younger people in cosplay were making there own fun with a conga line on the floor which you couldbt help but smile at but for someone such as myself who attends these primarily for the guests and secondly vendors not sure if it'll be one we attend again, certainly not for a weekend atleast unless it's expanded in terms of the guests that you have attending and the amount of vendors you manage to secure, many of which were selling funko pops. Also where's the fudge vendors ? I've come accustomed to having fudge at a con lol
  4. Abit gutted to see Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips (and Collectormania) attending LFCC this year as guessing there not gonna make it to DST. I hope if that's the case it's due to prior commitments rather than holding off till next year to have them attend with it being Voyagers Anniversary as would of been nice to see them this year with this being a dedicated star trek convention even if it meant them returning for consecutive years. Hope this doesn't come across as me having a moan as just wanting to give some customer feedback as been to several showmaster events these past few years which I've always enjoyed but this year had to make a choice out of LFCC and DST so rather disheartened to see Voyager cast getting announced for LFCC ahead of DST especially with them not being there last year.
  5. Claudia Black Laura Bailey Liam McIntyre
  6. Looking at the thread and at my previous post realise I missed Whoopi Goldberg off my list so gotta make that right
  7. Can we please get the iron throne for this event please as know it's been at other showmaster events in the past
  8. Sir Patrick Stewart Wil Wheaton Levar Burton Robert Picardo Garrett Wang Scott Bakula
  9. Amanda Tapping Claudia Black Felicia Day Ron Pearlman Katey Sagal Patrick Stewart
  10. Great shout hopefully it's something they can make possible
  11. Felicia Day Amanda Tapping Claudia Black
  12. True just thought with them adding additional photo shoots over the weekend they might of updated the schdule yesterday too. I'll keep checking back
  13. Just seen there is now a TNG group photo bridge shoot that I might upgrade my regular TNG group photo too however not seeing this new photoshoot time added to the schdule?
  14. Hoping the schdule gets altered a tiny bit before the event as I'd love a photo with Mary Wiseman on Saturday but already have the TNG group photo booked on that day and although Mary's shoot is longer would hate to rush about and miss it. I know the staff do there best to get you through but I'd be cutting it close I think
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