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  1. BenUK1989

    Guest suggestions.

    Looking at the thread and at my previous post realise I missed Whoopi Goldberg off my list so gotta make that right
  2. Can we please get the iron throne for this event please as know it's been at other showmaster events in the past
  3. BenUK1989

    Guest suggestions.

    Sir Patrick Stewart Wil Wheaton Levar Burton Robert Picardo Garrett Wang Scott Bakula
  4. BenUK1989

    Guest suggestions.

    Christopher Judge
  5. BenUK1989

    Guest Suggestions

    Amanda Tapping Claudia Black Felicia Day Ron Pearlman Katey Sagal Patrick Stewart
  6. BenUK1989

    Melissa Benoist

    Great shout hopefully it's something they can make possible
  7. BenUK1989

    LFCC 2019

    Felicia Day Amanda Tapping Claudia Black
  8. BenUK1989

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    True just thought with them adding additional photo shoots over the weekend they might of updated the schdule yesterday too. I'll keep checking back
  9. BenUK1989

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    Just seen there is now a TNG group photo bridge shoot that I might upgrade my regular TNG group photo too however not seeing this new photoshoot time added to the schdule?
  10. BenUK1989

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    Hoping the schdule gets altered a tiny bit before the event as I'd love a photo with Mary Wiseman on Saturday but already have the TNG group photo booked on that day and although Mary's shoot is longer would hate to rush about and miss it. I know the staff do there best to get you through but I'd be cutting it close I think
  11. BenUK1989

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    Brilliant thank you, alot cheaper than I thought aswell as was thinking they would be a similar price to the captain chairs
  12. BenUK1989

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    Any details on the TNG bridge set please as haven't been able to find tickets on the website. Thanks in advance
  13. BenUK1989

    Latest Guest Announcement- Kate Mulgrew

    Received an email an hour ago from the shop address telling me to email the enquiries@destinationstartrek.com instead regarding this matter
  14. BenUK1989

    More Guest Announcements - Next Week

    Hoping for Scott Bakula or Jolene Blalock in terms of Enterprise cast so hopefully it's either of those 2 @robmoriarty ;)
  15. BenUK1989

    Latest Guest Announcement - Alice Krige

    I know it's a long shot but got to suggest it. Any chance of getting a photo with Alice in full costume and makeup with Armin Shimerman doing a costume and make up shoot ?