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Latest Guest Announcement - SIR PATRICK STEWART


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Latest guest for Destination Star Trek : Sir Patrick Stewart 


We are excited to have Sir Patrick attend DST! He will be making a very special appearance on Saturday 26th October to talk about Star Trek : Picard which premiers 24th January 2020 on Amazon Prime.

Tickets for Sir Patrick Stewart’s appearance in the main theatre are limited and on sale now at www.destinationstartrek.com.
Each ticket includes an exclusive DST Limited Edition Star Trek : Picard poster.

This presentation is included in all Admiral and Captains packages ‘. 

See you all as Destination Star Trek on Oct 25th to 27th!

Make it so! 

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  • showmasters changed the title to Latest Guest Announcement - SIR PATRICK STEWART
30 minutes ago, chiara72 said:

wonderful! I have never met this guest , but I wished to meet him, thank you very much!


29 minutes ago, cptpugwash said:

so is this just a talk, not a auto or photo opportunity?


27 minutes ago, AckAck said:

Is this in the 5.00pm slot on the schedule?

He could make a serious killing on autos/photos.......:D

Going by the post I think he's only doing the evening Picard talk.

There's no photo's in the shop.

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7 minutes ago, SpobRock said:

Anyone else having problems ordering? It's stuck on 'processing your order'

I'd suggest trying it from a different machine, are you doing it on an Iphone as there's often problems with that.  If you are try from an android or PC.

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Fingers crossed for a TNG photo shoot, either way look forward to the talk. Just hope my ear drums will be ok after he walks onto the stage as the audience is no doubt gonna erupt, it'll certainly be something I'll remember for along time that's for sure

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