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  1. I would like to thank you all of the crew who helped me and had a lot of patience with me, it was really a great convention and the opportunity to speak personally with Brent was the greatest gift to me. (Obviously I have paid the tickets for his autograph, his talk and his photoshoot). Best regards to all of you (included Brent, obviously) Chiara
  2. Sorry, but I need really a map of the edifice, please. Thank you very much Chiara
  3. Please, we want an update of the time timetable, in order to understand which tickets of the new guests eventually to buy. Thank you very much Chiara
  4. wonderful! I have never met this guest , but I wished to meet him, thank you very much!
  5. thank you, I have resolved my problem today too.
  6. Dear Sirs and Madams, I would like to see a map of the edifice, in order to know where I must go for the talks and for the photoshoots, please, thank you very much Best regards Chiara
  7. thank you very much, I will try to send an email.
  8. Dear Sirs and Madams, Lufhansa has changed abruptly the hour of my flight of return, therefore I could attend to your convention on Sunday too, but I have already bought a ticket for the day of Saturday, how can I upgrade this ticket with another valid for 2 days, from Saturday to Sunday? Thank you very much best regards Chiara
  9. Sorry, I need only an information. When the guests aren't busy with the photoshoots or with the talks, are they available at the table for the autoghaphs? Thank you very much
  10. Problem solved! I bought finally the ticket! Thank you very much!
  11. thank you for the answer, but sincerely it's strange, because it's the only paid talk that doesn't have yet the tickets...
  12. Dear Sirs and Madams, I am very happy to see finally the timetable of the convention, butI have a problem: in the schedule there is a talk with Brent Spiner on Saturday "Data make it so", but in the website you can't buy the tickets for this talk, why? Thank you very much best regards Chiara
  13. Because Brent Spiner will attend at this convention, it would be great to have the possibility to meet Patrick Stewart and Jeri Ryan too ...another great guests would be Chris Pine and Quinto.
  14. I know that he is a very busy man....but I hope that I can speak with him for at least a couple of minutes. Thank you
  15. Thank you very much, I am very happy to read your gentle answer. I didn't expect an individual panel with him, I am very satisfied with a TNG panel. I hope that I will able to make a photo with Anson Mount too... best regards Chiara
  16. Sure, I will be able to attend your convention on Saturday. This time I need only to speak with Brent, therefore I think that I will buy a ticket for an autograph, because I know that you can't speak very long with the guests when you make a photo with them. However, I suppose that there will be some talks with the guests too, right? Obviously I don't think to speak with him in a public talk, but I wanted only to see him on the stage on Saturday. Is it possible? When can we have the schedule of the convention, in order to buy the right tickets, please? thank you very much best regards Chiara
  17. Dear members of the crew, when can we know which talks will be in Birmingham? And the tickets? Thank you very much Best regards Chiara
  18. thank you very much for your gentle answer
  19. Good evening to all the members of the crew! I would like to know some details about the event of Saturday night, please. For example, I didn't understand if Brent Spiner will attend to this event, because in the advertisement there was the picture of Data. And then I would like to know what you can do there, please. Thank you very much best regards Chiara
  20. Thanks to God, the miracle happened really! After 10 years, I have persuaded my new principal to give to me Saturday as day off! I have obtained it! Therefore I have already booked the flights and the hotel. Now I should only buy the tickets of the convention.
  21. It would be necessary a miracle to be able for me to attend this convention... because I think that nobody will give to me a permission at the work.
  22. a wonderful guest!!!! thank you very much! I love LOST guests!!!!!!!
  23. finally we have another big guest!!!! I hope that he/she will be a Star Trek or Star Wars guest!!!!
  24. Dear Showmasters, could we have please any special guest from Star Trek for the great anniversary (1966-2016)?
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