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  1. I met her a few years back. Such a sweetheart (and good on the eyes too )
  2. Ahhh too bad. Doug Jones has cancelled. I hope the list of actors that will attend will expand though
  3. I had problems this weekend and today. After 5-6 tries on google chrome in Windows 10 it worked. It seems the credit card popup is the problem for me. Weird thing is the Eventbrite app always worked, but now I had the same problem. Just loading and doing nothing.
  4. Guest Name Attending Autograph Photo Kate Mulgrew All €65 €65 Robert Beltran All €45 €45 Robert Picardo All €30 €30 Roxann Dawson All €45 €45 Robert Duncan McNeill All €30 €30 Jeri Ryan Sat/Sun €65 €65 Tim Russ All €25 €25 Garrett Wang All €25 €25 Ethan Phillips All €25 €25 Doug Jones All €30 €30 Emily Coutts All €25 €25 Marianna Hill All €20 €20 Sonita Henry All €20 €20 Fintan McKeown All €20 €20 Gates McFadden All €40 €40 Oyin Oladejo All €25 €25 Jonathan Del Arco All €25 €25
  5. Well it would be cool if you could bring the Alien band back together. So far you have two
  6. We had an excellent day. The hall was great. It didn’t feel crowded at all. We loved the props section and the classic bridge setup. We made some funny photos there. The guests were great, especially J.G. Hertzler asking everyone in the queue where they were from. This was during the unfortunate laptop malfunction. The Patrick Stewart talk was wonderful. His stories were great to hear. His presence at DST made the experience complete. Our first DST experience was a good one.
  7. It was a wonderful talk. Me and my wife enjoyed it immensely! thank you Showmasters
  8. For those going today, have fun!
  9. Could you purchase them? If not, try the Eventbrite app, worked for me.
  10. The classic bridge and klingong throne photo shoots are free, right? Can't find them in the ticket section. Or do you pay on the spot? Me and my wife go as vulcans (me as evil Spock) and it would be fun to be on either one of those sets
  11. I used the Eventbrite app and it worked. On the PC with google chrome, iPad with Safari or Google Chrome, iPhone with Safari it didn't work. Thanks :)
  12. Anyone else having problems ordering? It's stuck on 'processing your order'
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