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  1. Phone is usually OK as they can scan that just as easily. Never hurts to have a paper backup copy though.
  2. Peter has already said unofficially he will do it. He just wants to distance himself from Dr Who a bit for a while and get into other projects which I totally understand. I doubt if it will be as long as the 15 years we've had to wait for Ecclescakes though.
  3. From her celebrity dungeon where she keeps them all of course.
  4. He wants to get his hair cut, scruffy looking bu**er
  5. Get Well soon Starbuck73. Everything crossed for you. Hope to see you up and about at a comic con in the very near future!
  6. Is the timetable out yet? Where can I find a floor plan?
  7. You certainly had your Ready Brek that morning (one for the teenagers there)
  8. I would have thought the photo Op problem is fairly simple too. A very thin, barely perceptible sheet of perspex perpendicular to the camera separating you from the guest. Yes its not the same as before and there'd be no hugging etc but you could then be stood right next to them and there would be no issue. Not ideal certainly but a more than adequate compromise I'd have thought. Certainly better than paying full price to have a photo stood 2m apart.
  9. I know! I saw that after I'd posted mine Is it great minds thinking alike or fools seldom differing though?
  10. Quite often I use the word often far too often in one sentence
  11. One thing I will say is Paul often mentions that he and his brothers are often mistaken for one another and rather than explaining, often just sign the autograph of the brother the person is expecting them to be. It's highly possible this could be one of those autographs.
  12. I can't speak for Terry Nation or Michael Wisher as I don't have those autographs but I do have every other one. The only one I'm not sure about is Paul McGann. I know autographs can vary over time but unless he's completely changed the way he writes his I'm not sure about it. For comparison's sake here's mine that was obtained in 2019. The way the "P" of Paul and the "Mc" of McGann is written is completely different which seems suspicious to me.
  13. Head in a jar then. Has to be his head in a jar just like in Futurama.
  14. Excellent. Now go have a look at how much the one of 12th Doctor in his spacesuit is and decide if you want to add it
  15. Yes you should. You really, really, really should. There are reasons. Oh and so should @The Friendly Dalek
  16. Congratulations on making it to the end. A great journal of your opinion of every Who episode ever which has been great to read and occasionally debate you with. Last time I did an in order watch through I started in 2009 and got up to date in October 2013 just before Day of the Doctor aired which was pretty serendipitous timing. I keep meaning to do it again but now it's becoming more obvious that they are going to animate every missing episode eventually I want to wait until I can do it without recons or audios. Then I have to hope I live long enough to do it
  17. LFCC is no longer being mentioned on the Olympia website. Plenty of other events for July and August still listed but LFCC is gone. Not sure if it's temporary or what it means.
  18. Snap. I'm barely noticing a difference. Apart from queueing at the shops and the hideous amount deaths everything is normal.
  19. I agree, I've been saying it all along. The virus doesn't just go away. There is one thing that stops this, vaccine or cure. Always has been. Large gatherings of people are just NOT going to happen for a very, very long time.
  20. No Ecclestone (surprise, surprise) but yes, every other living Doctor will be there. I'd be surprised if they got the dead ones. THAT would be a coup!
  21. Carrie Fisher Sherlock's Andrew Scott And also cricketer Geoffrey Boycott
  22. Nice. I watched all of them last weekend. The 4k scans are good. There's been some poor quality 4k releases (Ghostbusters springs to mind) but this is great quality. Enjoy.
  23. Agree with both if you. It's not the Doctor's gender that's the issue, it's the characterisation. Right from the off the accent and almost her first word being "brilliant" as she broke into a big grin just made me go straight to the 10th Doctor, an feeling that I just can't shake to this day. I just see an impression of 10 so it's interesting to see everyone else's spotting of other Doctors in there. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Plenty of other actors have given nods, or even based performances on previous Doctors (Matt Smith openly admitting he couldn't get the hang of the character until Moffat gave him some Troughton DVDs after watching which he got it). The trouble is (and this is just my opinion) I don't think Jodie is that good an actor. I've felt this in other things of hers I've watched. Add this to Chibnall's inability to do characters well and we have the first failure of a Doctor (again, just my opinion). The problem has been every time I try to debate this opinion I am immediately shouted down as a mysogynist, lumped in with the seething trolls that spoil online debate these days. Ruth just hammered home for me what we could have had if a better thought out, better acted Doctor had been created rather than what we got. I just spent the whole rest of the episode (and series) wishing she WAS the Doctor.
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