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  1. General release party tickets are available at the moment, £21 each. :)
  2. Do we just rock up to the photo shoots on Sat/Sun with our ticket, or do we need to get them changed at the sales desk?
  3. Am I right in thinking that guests with an individual paid talk will not be participating in the group paid talks? Specifically thinking Jason Isaacs and the Disco group talk?
  4. It's got to have been said loads already, but can we get Patrick Stewart, and a Stewart/McFadden or TNG group photo? Pretty please? Any more DISCO people would be awesome too!
  5. Looking at whether to buy an event TShirt online or whether to wait and get one at the event. If I decide to get one online, how do I communicate what size I'd like?
  6. Ah, I got disappointed when he was announced for Nottingham, didn't realise he was coming to Collectormania too. now I'm happy! Love Keenser. (y)
  7. I think maybe this was a plea to bring back the early bird/regular system that we used to have. Going to e-tickets and wristbands is fine and all, but selling only one entry time means everyone is more likely to show up at the crack of morning (even those who would have preferred the later entry with the old system) making the venue overflooding with people from the very beginning. I didn't go last year, but the two years before that were very doable in terms of crowds in the morning. I never had any issues getting to what I had booked and I rarely had to do the afternoon shoots for a guest meaning I had that time to browse or get autographs instead. That would mean less crowded photoshoots as not every single one would flock around the first one making it hard to get to for those who genuinely had the correct tickets, and many of the early birds would not show up for the later shoot as they got through in the morning, meaning less crowded shoots for those opting for later entry. Your notion might work, but it was more a plea to stop going 'hey, the official regs say we can let in x number of people, so let's do it' when clearly the feedback from those inside (not just me, a number of friends and other feedback posts have mentioned this) is that the official capacity is too high and the floor is very uncomfortable, even when under full capacity. :) Simply sell less entry tickets. With the massive guests SM can pull in, I can't see them losing too much money this way!
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