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  1. LOO

    DST London 2020

    Shaka when the walls fell...
  2. Anyone know is this event still going ahead with COVID ? I asked an organiser on FB and was told it was but still not buying tickets until I’m sure...
  3. I missed my photoshoot with both Klingons in costume I was in the wrong queue up the other end anyway they let me have a photo with Martok on the Klingon throne but I lost out on the extra cost of the double shoot. I asked them on sales and they just said sorry it’s your hard luck there is nothing we can do. I can’t come on Sunday I was Saturday only.
  4. What time is this taking place on Saturday morning?
  5. Can't remember what I did last time can you just turn up at the bridge pay and have your photo taken or do you have to officially book it? I remember being photographed on the discovery bridge when I flashed the cash they let me on it? Must have been someone's ale money
  6. Got mine booked! Hope it doesn't change from Saturday morning! I'm only there on Saturday!
  7. I'm upgrading mine this weekend a nice lady called Rose got back to me! Just email the store.
  8. Are all the talks that are not marked paid free....been before but didn't get to many of them last time?
  9. I wonder why I was told this photoshoot wasn't going ahead? I've just contacted again and asked to upgrade.
  10. In light of Gwynyths cancellation does this mean that the throne and Klingons in costume has been cancelled altogether?
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