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  1. Oh right will have to purchase asap! Thanks!
  2. Showmasters appreciation thread

    Compared to a recent nightmarish event I went to in Manchester your events are very well organised fair and enjoyable
  3. When do we start buying tickets for this event etc? Sorry not been on this site for a while so don't know what's going on?
  4. Tickets

    I didn't get mine until November last year but I've not seen anything.....
  5. Guests?

    This is a bit in advance but who is going to be there up to now? Planning on attending this next year!
  6. Cosplay thread

    Do you have to go onstage with your creation?
  7. Collectormania 25

    Thank you thank you went on Sunday, met Mr Shanks..lovely guy and Ben Browder talk... definitely cosplaying next year and coming again 2018. The only disappointment was the lack of Stargate collector items..yes there were a few bits but not a lot..considering there were cast members on the menu...but I found the odd thing here and there...still had a good time though..
  8. Its nearly that time...

    All these posts are confusing me it's like information overload!
  9. Diamond Pass question

    So does this mean I've got a Diamond pass for Sunday but I might not get my photo/auto/talk on that day?
  10. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    Still haven't got a clue! Michael Shanks Diamond Pass Sunday what batch number? Where?
  11. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    Still haven't got a clue!
  12. Its nearly that time...

    Ah low carb....I'll chuck a greasy drumstick....
  13. Diamond Pass question

    It would have been useful to have been aware of all this information at the beginning of ticket purchase rather than later...I am a diamond pass and only booked to attend on one day..I could only afford one day and not the entire 3 days or maybe I've got it wrong?
  14. Its nearly that time...

    Thanks so much for your info thats great stuff and very helpful! One last question Ive got the standard pass 10am for Sunday and am a bit worried I'll miss the photoshoot should I change this? Can you change it? Sorry forgotten all the times that were given...