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  1. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Sir Patrick Stewart brings some of his cast mates with him to DST
  2. ah okay, today was the first day their pictures appear on the website destinationstartrek.com
  3. Denise Crosby and Anthony Montgomery have been added to the line-up without announcement
  4. Instead of Hall 5, Destination 2019 is going to take place in Hall 4 (like in 2016) and Hall 3a Map: https://s3-media2.fl.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/I2JMBydmtAy_oV6rvq4vVw/o.jpg Source: http://www.thenec.co.uk/whats-on/destination-star-trek/
  5. It was Hall 4 in 2016. This time we're getting a bigger hall.
  6. well Andrew Robinson was the first one, I bet JG Hertzler is the other one
  7. Are you going to use the ticket pickup system of Dortmund in Birmingham aswell? Multiple queues separated from A - Z reduced the waiting time and was very comfortable for someone like me with a Lieutenant ticket.
  8. Did you miss Al Worden (Apollo 15) at the last Destination convention in Birmingham?
  9. Do you mean something like this? :) https://web.archive.org/web/20160929090508/http://destinationstartrek.com:80/highlights/autographs
  10. 1. Scarlett Pomers 2. Dwight Schultz 3. Roxann Dawson 4. Brad Dourif 5. Simon Pegg 6. John Savage
  11. that's what Jason Joiner, director of Showmasters, said at the end of the auction on sunday 'see you in two years'
  12. I guess this is a generic photo, since Atrium Entrance 2 for example is much closer to where DSTE is taking place. (Hall 4) www.thenec.co.uk/media/3161/site-map.pdf
  13. instead of adding new guests, we're losing the ones we already had ;-)
  14. Cancelled ! https://twitter.com/realLindaPark/status/762069222700687360
  15. I don't think it has been mentioned before, DSTE will take place in Hall 4 of the NEC. From what I can see, this is the second biggest hall of the venue. (16,700 m2) http://www.thenec.co.uk/whatson/destination-star-trek-europe
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