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The 3rd Annual Forum Meet Up and Great LFCC Geek Off!

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I did leave the group (i wanted to leave the chat only). I couldn't cope with the excitement over schedule. I am very devastated over Chester's death. I took it very personally and I can't cope with the whole situation at the moment. I have been crying for hours now and i am a mess. I don't want to ruin your fun and i don't want to have a meltdown. I felt like i was about to explode.

I will ask to rejoin the group if you let me when I am more able to cope with what happened today. I am very very sad.

I don't want you to think that I left because of someone. Thank you.

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1. PenThePirate (+ at least 4)
2. Wrong Name
3. wjbleming (+1 more than likely)
4. John1980 (solo)
5. Mario (+5, probably)
6. Chrisrus (+1)
7. natedammit (-1)
8. XIII (very doubtful now)
9.Optimistic-Skye (+1) 
10. Kyvire
11. Chazzley (+4)
12. whitewillow (alone for the time being)
13. Definitely a Lady, responding to peer pressure, Raylenth
14. Rory McGarrett
15. RomeroSavini (allll byyy myseelff)
16. Wondermoose (might be +1)
17. Saul
18. Tom Beaker +1

19. Tenaciousspirit (possibly an extra 1/2 people)

20. Astro_Nut (if I'm not too shot by the end of the day)

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Hi all

Have added those on FB hat I didn't have as friends so that I can be contacted on the day if needed. 

If you're not on the FB event, drop me an email to the address in my profile, and I'll sort out a way of you contacting me if needed. 

It's nearly here!


Pen x

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