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  1. Gutted missed out on him but good see he was popular and just have hope he makes a return some day.
  2. I've been to several talks David's hosted at various LFCC and certainly for the first few I felt he was poor, swore a few times* and I recall coming out of one thinking he forgot all about the audience being there as didn't ask for questions from us till not much time left. The Christopher Lloyd talk was really good and felt he helped steer it well. *Definitely getting better as only swore once in the CL talk
  3. Thanks for organising Pen! Had fun and hopefully be there again next year!!
  4. Wasn't able access the forum over the weekend so feel it's fair to thank Queen_Sindel for doing your best with this. Future reference, if got send transport over to pick you up would a rocket powered bicycle do? You'll need supply your own goggles mind
  5. Think the earliest I've started queuing was about 7.30/45. Usually tend turn up bout 8.30ish. Am usually able stay towards the end, heck even left when most stall owners have packed up and I've gone pub with some the comic artists!
  6. Hopefully some common sense will apply and something will be offered/sorted. Must admit till something official is announced am hanging fire on some other stuff I was looking to buy before travelling down.
  7. He has done in the past, but last couple shows seen at he's had 'No Posed Photos' sign up form pretty much the beginning. Things can change though, see guest early enough, if it's towards end the day they might ask if want one and in certain cases they'll ignore the sign altogether - Kim Coates last year!
  8. Depending how busy he is and of course if he's happy to, I wonder how many times he'll be asked to write a certain line about Theon from this weeks episode......
  9. Disappointing. Only bought the Superman Group shoot last night, typical!! See it's still going ahead but can't see how it can still be justified at £110 now that a key member is missing. Feel either rebate is due or option of full refund as it's not what was paid for. Quick work on the Sir Derek Jacobi refund, mind.
  10. As it currently stands, 42 guests. Though still to start cutting it down then there's bound be couple more cancellations which will help that. I was really brutal I could probably knock it down to around 25 which would make life easier.
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