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  1. There are themes to give the more adventurous among us ideas for costumes, but no specific dress code (other than “wear some”)
  2. On the Facebook page it has a thing about them building a shuttle for DST, I presume it's that and the Friday thing is the unveiling. Other then that, I would expect it to be available for photos the rest of the time. Not sure if its big enough to fit a camel in, though.
  3. Saw the camel walking around Realised I’d forgotten to bring wine gums again bad Astro Nut.
  4. Probably due to Jenna changing from Saturday Only (No Diamond Pass) to Saturday Only (with Diamond pass) to Sunday being added as an extra day.
  5. Worth remembering that Jenna wasn’t originally on a diamond pass so there may not have been time to get an additional specific gift made
  6. Have you got ANY IDEA how much heat one of those generates. Those things are like blast furnaces
  7. Maybe in the future they could have a ceremonial single Batch 0 pass for the first to buy
  8. You won’t have a problem in the afternoon shoots, just go to johns at the appropriate time and make sure they know you have the Chris eccleston shoot and they’ll get you through in time. It will be worth checking towards the end of Chris morning shoot where they are up to as they could have called batch 4 at that point.
  9. Select the first one as normal then select “Send in your own item” and choose “Item already with Showmasters” for the second.
  10. But did you remember to bring wine gums? Every time I see the camel I realise I forgot them
  11. As long as you are in the photo queue while the shoot is on you will get your photo. The issues being discussed above are about getting an autograph.
  12. Have you checked in the photo library to see if it's available there? https://showmasters.photoshelter.com/
  13. Hi Tradfan If your children are autistic you might also want to take a look at the extra help page on the showmasters main website https://showmastersevents.com/index.php/extra-help-form
  14. Fred Haise, just need someone from Apollo 8 for a full set.
  15. Guys, you're getting confused between the settings on the image and what happens when you print them out, the jpegs on the website are fine for A4 sized prints if you want the whole image. For the example above of a 5760 x 3840 image, an A4 print (~12 x 9 inches) would print out at over 450 dpi. at 72 dpi the image would be over 5 feet across. Even the lowest resolution images available on the website (2400 x 1600) would be ~200 dpi at A4 size.
  16. Just a thought but... FCC Belfast 2018 (which has been put up) had 141 photos from 4 photoshoots (112 from the cosplay photos) Collectormania 24 (2017) had 9337 photos from 111 photoshoots (yes, I counted) Given that all the photos from a show would need to be checked, sorted, filed and presumably made available together rather than piecemeal, this might suggest why the Collectormania 25 (2018) photos haven't been put up yet but the Belfast ones have.
  17. There are many potential reasons why the 'No Photos' requirements are there: One is that there can be a number of people hanging about the auto queues just taking photographs Another is that a lot of people forget that the flash is on and it can get very irritating and distracting to constantly have flashes going off all the time Another possibility is that some celebrities need to keep control of their image and like to have the opportunity to look their best for photos and don't like candid shots taken from a distance
  18. How exactly would it be faster to do a digital update than to update a board? An update to a physical board takes ~ 5 seconds and a mistake can be corrected very quickly and before it has any impact, I doubt anyone would be able to update a Twitter account or the forum anywhere near that fast. In addition, for a show like LFCC you would have 30 to 40 queues minimum being updated constantly which would swamp any specific information and make most of it useless. You also need to address the issue (specifically for Twitter) of needing to give anyone updating information authorisation to edit and submit posts. Also, and this usually comes as a surprise to people, not everyone is actually signed up for Twitter, Facebook and / or the forum or knows how to use all the features and interactions like flagging for specific information, or have fancy phones with lots of data and access to apps. This applies to both the crew doing the updates and the attendees at the con, so the manual method would need to be retained as well.
  19. New plan Viking puts small stickers on the floor plan Nate puts big stickers on the floor under the floor plan That way, people will be literally standing on the star which says - You Are Here
  20. The real challenge with digital signage and displays for this type of show is to make the system simple enough that anyone can be shown how to use it in 5 minutes, but also be flexible enough to cope with changes to plans, schedules etc. For the VQ idea, there then is the issue of having something that anyone can update, which would be a nightmare to control, or having dedicated people updating it which would require extra staff. I also don't want to be around when a mistake gets made and 200 people turn up expecting to get in the autograph queue.
  21. It’s an interesting idea initially, but what it means is that the first person in the queue gets VQ ticket number 1 for everyone and so on. It would also require a lot more crew. Under the existing system, people have a choice who they want to prioritise to get low VQs for and later people have a better chance. Also, for diamond pass guests, you would have to sort out how to split the numbers between the gold and standard queues.
  22. This would have been a special case as David was only announced during the show. Normally, sales at the show would automatically end up being later batches so would be scheduled for the end of the shoot.
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